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Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2007 3:53 pm
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I basically chose my good character because very little is known of Rhun, therefore leaving a lot of room for creativity.
Good Guy Character
Name: Thesnor the Traitor

Age: 37

Race: Man

Class: Thief

Equipment: Five throwing knives, with beautifully carved black blades and a gold handle. There are elven runes on them, but Thesnor insists they are family heirlooms. He also has a long sword strapped to his back, with a broad blade that matches the knives. His primary weapon is a bow, however. Unlike the raiders bows used by his kind, it is long and made of a dark brown wood. The arrows are barbed, and have a hole in the back to tie a string to for hunting. His cloths are worn but somehow beautiful, like those of a great king exiled in the wilderness, and his armor is light but strong, gold glinting in light and darkness alike.

Personality: Although his appearance may be rugged, he has an air of pride and nobility about him. He is very good at keeping his cool, but if he is brought to anger, his wrath is terrible. He has an accent like that of Rhun royalty. His face is very old looking, despite his age, but his eyes have fire in them, and his stance is challenging. He is very cat-like in his motions, swaying as he walks. He is very strong and proud, creating fear in even the most stout-hearted enemy.

History: Thesnor was born to Helcar, king of Rhun, named after the ancient Sea of Helcar. His mother is unknown, since most history books do not speak of the women of Rhun. All that is known of her is that she died at childbirth. The name Thesnor means bold, and no word could describe him more than that.

As a child, Thesnor was brash, making quick decisions that often went against his father’s will. He was studious, however, and read many books of Rhun’s history. He studied under Pallando, Rhun’s most learned scholar, and became very acquainted with the history of Middle Earth and the ways of war. He also trained under the warrior Hildor, descendant of the great Khamul. From Hildor he learned the ways of the sword, and how to use a bow. By the time he turned 18, he was the greatest warrior in all of Rhun.

But on his 18th birthday, his father passed away, and Thesnor, struck by grief, turned to Pallando for counseling. And in Pallando’s tent he learned of how the men of Rhun had once been great, but had been corrupted by the dark lord Sauron. He learned of Allatar’s death, he learned of Khamul’s corruption, and he learned of Sauron’s return to middle earth and how his help was needed. Thesnor, overwhelmed by knowledge, locked himself in his room and pondered his decision. Should he turn in Pallando as a traitor, or follow his advice and go to the western lands to study under the wizard Radagast?

And so three days later, Thesnor traveled far to the west in search of mirkwood and of the wizard Radagast. He arrived 4 months later, as a heap of dirty rags and skin, at the misty mountains. The lessons he had learned at Rhun were no help in the dark forests and marshlands of the west, but he had survived and found shelter near the Anduin River. As he slept, he dreamt of wild creatures, huge leathery beasts with ugly faces and twisted horns. He awoke to find it was more of a dream. He was surrounded by huge, black, hard-skinned animals. He let out a war cry, and in one fluid motion, drew his sword and rushed at the nearest creature with the boldness so unique to men of Rhun. But his swift blows didn’t even penetrate the armored skin, and the beast swung at him, knocking him off his feet and into a rock wall. As he fell, his head struck a rock, and his vision began to blur. As he passed out, he saw a huge, furry creature jumping from the forest and slashing madly at the other beasts. Then everything went black.

He awoke in a cabin. As he looked around, he saw skins of beasts decorating the walls and ceilings. He did not recognize any of these animals, as he was used to only the scaled creatures of Rhun. A man walked in and introduced himself as Beorn, the skin-changer. They conversed, and Thesnor found that Beorn knew Radagast, and would lead Thesnor to him.

For a while Thesnor studied under Radagast, but he spent most of his time with Beorn. They were not all that different, and Thesnor loved to hear the stories that Beorn would tell. Just before Beorn died in 3006, he shared his secret of skin-changing with Thesnor and demanded that he change his name Grimbeorn. Although he accepted, Thesnor did not always use his new name. For a while, he led the Beornings at the anduin river as Grimbeorn. But as he heard more about the war of the ring, he knew his knowledge of the Rhun was needed, and moved to Minas Tirith and became a petty thief, living off of others’ wealth.

And that is where we find him. A man of Rhun, trained in the ways of the Rhun army and able to change into the form of a bear.

Alignment: That is what we’re going to have to find out.

Ill probably post again sometime soon with my bad guy character.
Posted: Mon Oct 22, 2007 8:05 pm
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Ryle, (of the line of Girion and Bard the Bowman)


Man of Dale.

-A hand-and-a-half sword, forged in Dale, and presented to Ryle on his 13th birthday. It is a straight, keen bladed sword, the hilt wrapped in black leather, and an onyx set in the pummel.
-The Bow passed down from Bard which delivered the the killing blow to Smaug.
-A quiver of Arrows from Dale. The arrows in dale are all black. After Bard killed the Dragon, arrows in dale took on the same basic style as that black arrow which killed the dragon. Each fletcher would give some mark so that the arrow could be distinguished as his work, and also be marked with the symbol of the archer who they were made for. Ryle’s arrows had the characteristic wide gold band with three small crimson stripes inside which signified the Royal Fletcher. And for Ryle’s own mark, there was also placed three triple orange bands on the shaft: one near the head, one near the nock and one above the fletching.
-A large multi-purpose knife.
-Light armor, mostly leather with metal in certain areas for extra protection. the armor includes gauntlets, vambraces and a Roman-type vest. (no helmet)
-A backpack
-A good supply of cram. (Ryle, being from Dale, makes it himself.)



i’m not done, but i figure i’ll finish it later.
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Posted: Tue Oct 23, 2007 7:09 pm
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Name: Ectheow

Age: 37

Race: Man

Class: Warrior/Minstrel

-A bearded-style axe, decorated in serpentine gold patterns, named Wulfsvín (Wolf-Vine)
-A scavenged Easterling spearaxe head (the shaft was broken off) used as a small axe/scimitar/generic tool
-Light mail armor
-A medium round wooden shield with various scripts running around the rim and edge, including Dwarf-runes, Elven, Rohirric, Westernesse, and a few scraps of the Black Speech and the Easterling Tongue.
-A leather pouch containing:
-A bone harp with decorative horses carved across it.
-Several scraps of parchment with various poems, lays, legends, etc. written in several languages, mostly Rohirric, but there are a couple with Dwarven, Elven, and Easterling script on them, and some with unknown or lost languages, taken from barrows and scavenged in the desert Tombs.
-Various small trinkets and jewels raided from bandits; few to none of any real use save as trade stock for bartering.

Personality: Generally reserved, more than slightly bitter and cynical at times. Will hold grudges, and tends to consider people in general to be either incompetent morons (especially Hama) or dangerous conspirators (especially Grima.) Paradoxically, has an almost obscene love for legends, lays, poems, et cetera. Alternatively loves and despises riches, though he spends almost as much time grubbing around in old treasure hoards for gold as he does grubbing around in the libraries of Middle Earth looking for more stories.
He also has a weak Second Sight.

History: Ectheow was once apprentice to Theoden King’s head scop (minstrel) Hygleac, an old blind man with a strong gift of the Second Sight. Hygleac first predicted Grima and Saruman’s collaboration twelve years before hand.
Hygleac taught Ectheow to study men’s motives and learn to predict their actions:
Hygleac grinned, gazing sightlessly over the Golden Hall. "Watch him. It does not take sight to tell what -- whom -- he seeks. It is always the same; in the distant past long forgotten, in rmembered tales, and in these days. It all begins with a motive. A desire. Watch where men gaze, what they follow, perhaps with feet, but also eyes, ears... minds. Grima, Son of Galmod seeks Eowyn. Curunir seeks Power."
Ectheow looked doubtfully. "Curunir? Saruman? He has always been a great aid to us in trouble."
Hygleac nodded. "Yes. And he has set up a fortress; the only Wizard to do so. He has staked out lands. He uses his power to fight. Against our enemies for now. But he is ever mindful of Rohan. Why do you think he wishes to keep our nation intact? We have done nothing which would entice him for any reason to preserve us for our own sake. And he is a good friend of Grima. Grima has power. Saruman has the hearts of Rohan. Each has what the other wants. It is only a matter of time before they make a bargain....”

When the blind minstrel had confronted and challenged Grima five years later, he was killed by Hama, who saw the commotion, and slew Grima’s attacker, only discovering the old blindman’s identity afterwards. Grima had then convicted Hygleac and Ectheow of treason, and Ectheow was exiled.
Ectheow spent the next several years later wandering Middle-Earth and cursing Grima, Hama, and Saruman. He journeyed North, spent two years in Rhun as a counter-brigand, raiding the desert assassins and other brigands. From there, he wandered North-West, and spent a short time in Erebor before he wandered through Forodwaith and Carn-Dum into Arnor, where he spent most of his time alternatively wandering from village to village collecting tales from travelers passing through – especially Dwarves – and running half-mad deathwish raids on tombs in the Barrow-downs.
One night, while traveling North, Ectheow stopped for a drink in the Inn of the Prancing Pony. He had managed to fence off tomb goods there before, to some cheap no-gooder named Ferny, but he wasn’t expecting to get roped into a mad race for a dark weapon led by the ranger Cerubethion.

Alignment: For the forces of Good. Or for anyone who’s against Grima, even if it were Morgoth himself.
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