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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 6:18 pm
Joined: 15 Jul 2007 Posts: 552 Location: USA
Free Peoples (30)


The One Ring, The Ring of Rings
Smeagol, Bearer of Great Secrets
Frodo, Frenzied Fighter
Bilbo, Ages Ring-Bearer

Companions: (1)

Sam Great Elf Warrior

Conditions: (6)

Safe Passage x2
Thereís Another Way x4

Events: (12)

Nine Fingered Frodo and the Ring of Doom x3
No Visitors x4
One Good Turn Deserves Another x3
Still Far Ahead x2
Community Living x2

Followers: (5)

Daddy Twofoot, Next-Door Neighbor
Robin Smallburrow, Sheriff Cock-Robin
The Gaffer, Master Gardener

Possessions: (4)

Sting, Bane of the Eight Legs x2
Hobbit Sword x2

Site Path

Anduin River
Anduin Banks
Fortress of Orthanc
Shores of Nen Hithoel
City Gates
Dammed Gate-stream (Starting)
Green Dragon Inn
Sirannon Ruins

Most are river for the Safe Passage/Slippery as Fishes to work right. I used Siranonn Ruin for the replaceable site with either Thereís Another Way or Led Astray to give extra Twilight to my Shadow plus itís a river just incase you get stuck with it late you can still use Safe Passage with it.


Of course the best part is the Bilbo/Daddy Twofoot/No Visitors combo to cancel the skirmish remove the burdens and keep getting No Visitors back into hand. Safe Passage is the best choke card out there I have played this deck and have never given a double digit twilight count at any Region 1 or 2 site yet (Iím sure I could if I played all the cards that cost at one site then move but havenít gotten that lucky yet). Still Far Ahead lets you control the site path for safe Passage and Thereís Another Way Lets you replace your cheap (0 and 1 shadow number) sites with bigger sites for the opponent to move too. Robin Smallburrow allows to to discard some cards from hand to help you in a pinch and the Sting helps with Frodo to discard Fierce minions. Sting with the Frenzied Fighter is a good combo since you can start the fierce minion on Bilbo to remove the burdens then exert Frodo to have him replace Bilbo so he can add the threat to discard the minion. Golden Perch ale is here incase Sam gets the Opportunity to win a skirmish or two and The Gaffer lets you heal a Shire companion when it gets attached to a hobbit. I paired this deck with a small Ninja Gollum build so you can also use Led Astray to further manipulate the site path giving you Dammed Gate-stream back if your Safe Passage gets discarded or if you have Incited out and a comp loses a skirmish you can take Safe Passage back into hand. Here is the Shadow:

Shadow (30)

Minions: (6)

Gollum, Threatening Guide x3
Shelob, Her Ladyship x3

Conditions: (14)

Fat One Wants It x2
Incited x2
Promise Keeping x2
Deceit x3
Not This Time x2
Slippery as Fishes x3

Events: (8 )

Captured By the Ring x3
Led Astray x3
Unseen Foe x2

Possessions: (2)

Web x2


This is mainly to help keep the Freeps side alive, but can hopefully keep the opponent from doubling everytime you do. With Fat One Wants It out you get an extra threat added each time Gollum is played and if you get him out with Captured by the Ring you get 2 threats added. Not This Time uses those threats to wound your opponent and with Promise Keeping each time you use Not This Time you get to exert a companion. Led Astray helps you get some extra twilight and get some much needed sites back with shadow number 0-1 for your freeps side. When you Play Her Ladyship you can spot Gollum to keep an opponentís companion from skirmishing. When you have 2 Deceits on the table your conditions are pretty safe from being discarded and Slippery as Fishes can help boost Gollum or can be discarded to help you draw Freeps card you need for the next turn. I added a few Unseen Foes so incase your Opponent has a pretty strong Fellowship you can add some wounds during the regroups phase. Here is an example of what I was able to pull off with this deck with a solo Gollum:

I had Gollum, Threatening Guide out. He got into a skirmish with a comp and I had 2 threats available to me for Not This Time and a Promise Keeping and Incited in play and an Unseen Foe in the discard pile. For the skirmish I faced an unwound companion with 3 vitality so I used Not This Time to wound the Companion then used Promise Keeping to exert the same companion. I used Not This Time again killing that companion and saw Aragorn 2 wounds from death so I used the other exertion form Promise Keeping to exert him to exhaustion. For Gollum winning the skirmish I took Unseen Foe into Hand from my discard pile and played it during the regroup phase killing Aragorn. Thornogil. So my single Gollum Minion was able to kill 2 comps by himself Shocked, not to bad for a strength 5 minion.

Please feel free to let me know what you think and if you see anything that needs improving let me know. Suggestions are always welcome.
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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 6:32 pm
Joined: 28 Dec 2006 Posts: 5468 Location: I don't know...
I would personally prefer Smeagol/Hobbit choke with all 4 starting, Frodo RB, Sam, Bilbo, Smeagol, and then run Herbs and Stewed Rabbits or Simple Stoor/Deagol combo, which rocks for filtering out your Hobbit Swords/Fishing Boat/Anything.

It works a lot better, cause you start with all your companions out and then get to abuse the text of a better Smeagol of your choice.
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Posted: Sat Dec 01, 2007 6:42 pm
Joined: 15 Jul 2007 Posts: 552 Location: USA
That sounds good but I like this way since it helps run alot better. You can use smeagolís text to free the field for the double move to 3 which then you replace the shadow number 0 site with Green Dragon Inn to exert Bilbo and Frodo to get him out. I have played this deck several time and have never seen the opponent get a minion out on me in region 1. Since Safe Passages, One Good Turn Deserves Another or Still far Ahead End up in your starting hand and the other comes from Dammed Gate Stream so by the time I see my first minion in region 2 I have all for anyway. I guess I should have added the site path to the decklist. I will do that now. Just to further my reasons I have left 1-2 twilight for the opponent at site 2 and they either play conditions if they can or they leave it for the potential double so when I move to my next river site 2+3 (being 3 comps moving)=5 then you exert smeagol to reduce it to a measly 1 twilight for site 3 not much to do with 1 twilight Shocked . I will go ahead and add the site path I chose. Thanks for the suggestions though.
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Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:32 am
Joined: 29 Jul 2007 Posts: 349 Location:
Free Peoples - How about replacing 2 copies of Daddy Twofoot with Community Living? It grabs any Shire follower so itís like an extra Twofoot, but if you have him already you can use it to grab something else. Great for getting all of your followers out.

Prized Lagan is also worth stocking to cut down on skirmishes. Throw in Elven Long Knife to remove the threats for even more fun.

Golden Perch Ale could probably be dropped unless youíve been meeting pint-sized minions. A Light in His Mind might be easier to trigger.

And you might want to run this through Bib, but I donít think Safe Passage removes twilight from the Shadow number, region number, or companions. Check out the movement summary, which says to perform "When you move to..." actions before adding twilight. If Iím wrong Iíd be running it like a shot.

Shadow - I see you too are a fan of Threatening Guide! In my eyes itís the best version for this decktype. I havenít touched Vile Creature or Mad Thing since. That said, 2 copies (of a single version) should be enough; one to stack on Web for rainy days, and one to pull with Captured by the Ring. Iíd only use more copies of a single version if for some reason you donít have other pullers. Definitely bump CbtR to 4, though.

Not Easily Avoided is seriously too awesome not to run. Is Promise Keeping or CbtR or Not This Time! buried somewhere in your deck? NEA pulls them all. That alone is worth the deck space, but NEA can also pump both Gollum and Shelob! Great card, definitely give it a try.

Sites - Other top considerations are Imladris to remove burdens and Valley of the Silverlode to heal your Hobbits (both rivers). I also like Expanding Marshland for squeezing out extra support cards.
Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 12:46 am
Joined: 15 Jul 2007 Posts: 552 Location: USA
Thanks for the suggestions I will consider a few of them. As for Not Easily Avoided, I just reread the card and this whole time I thought it said remove 3 to play a [gullum] card from your discard pile, but indeed it does say draw deck. It will definitely get added Laughing .


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Posted: Sun Dec 02, 2007 5:05 pm
Joined: 29 Jul 2007 Posts: 349 Location:
NEA is the gift that keeps on giving! Itís especially fun in Expanded when you can use spare twilight to pull a couple copies of Youíre a Liar and a Thief. A fierce Gollum can end up killing quite a few companions.

Which is another reason Threatening Guide is so good; you can use the added threat in the fierce skirmish to wound with Not This Time. Expanded has an extra safety net with They Stole It, though, so I dunno if Hidden Even From Her would be too risky here.

Just saw your updated strategy notes. I feel like such a party pooper, but Iím pretty sure Sting doesnít discard the minion until Frodo actually survives the skirmish. Of course that may have been what you meant, but I figured itíd be best to make sure.

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