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Posted: Tue Dec 04, 2007 11:37 am
Joined: 28 Dec 2006 Posts: 5468 Location: I don't know...
--- description ---
The Defender of Osgiliath may have fallen, but another valiant ranger rises to fill the old Madrilís shoes, and uphold the honor of that blade from Ithilien
--- end description ---

Todayís spotlight on....

Madril, Loyal Lieutenant!

When a hero falls, another steps in to take his place. Earlier this year, loyal IB players were forced to say goodbye to Madril, Defender of Osgiliath, as he hit the X-list. But in his place came Madril, Loyal Lieutenant, and although not as powerful as the old Madril, still makes Ithilien Blade playable, although you do have to work for it.

So, letís examine Madril. What makes this guy work?

(1). Twilight cost. 3. Tough to start, but paired with a Ranger of the White Tree, you can still fit two (good) companions in your starting fellowship.
(2). Card Type. Companion. Which means they have to kill him to get rid of his sweet ability. No, not even the evil which is Grond can kill him.
(3). Stats. 6/3/6. Hunter 1. Not bad. However, with a little luck, heíll never be fighting.
(4). Text.
-(A). "While you can spot a roaming minion, your Gondor conditions cannot be discarded from play by Shadow cards." WOW! Shocked This makes him a MUST for ANY deck that makes minions roaming! And it allows you to use your key conditions that make a Madril deck work properly.
-(B). "Maneuver: Exert 2 rangers to make a minion site number +2 until the regroup phase." Hereís what makes him worth his weight in gold. With a MANEUVER ability to make minions site number plus, his potential combo with Ithilien Blade makes him well worth using.
(5). Rarity. Starter. Buy a deck, and you get him for sure! As well as being able to trade for him dirt cheap.

However, although stepping into the role of Madril, Defender of Osgiliath very well, Ithilien Blade will never be the same. Ithilien Blade is no longer an easy discard a bunch of minions, you now have to work for it, and it is necessary to include other mechanisms for dealing with minions.

But, Iíll get on to that later. Hereís a sample deck using this Madril.

(38 cards)

Frodo, Hope of Free Peoples
The One Ring, The Ring of Doom

Madril, Loyal Lieutenant
Ranger of the White Tree

Aragon, Thorongil
Faramir, Captain of Ithilien x 2
Damrod, Dunadan of Gondor x 2
Silent Traveller x 2
Pippin, Wearer of Black and Silver x 2

Sting, Elven Long-Knife x 2
Ithilien Blade x 4
Aragornís Bow, Rangerís Longbow x 3
Faramirís Bow, Ithilien Longbow
Brego, Loyal Steed
Throne of Minas Tirith x 2

Gondorian Merchant x 2

Faramirís Company

Soldierís Cache x 4
Sixth Level x 2
The Faithful Stone x 3
Houses of Healing x 2

Phase 1- The Ithilien Blade. So obviously you have Madril, Loyal Lieutenant and Gondorian Merchant working hand in hand to make minions roaming, with some Soldierís Cache to help. Kill with Ithilien Blade.

Phase 2- The Faithful Stone. The whole deck reinforces tokens like crazy, leaving you TONS of tokens on The Faithful Stone. Minion canít fight.

Phase 3- The Machine Gun. Aragornís Bow, Rangerís Longbow adds threats to wound minions. Sting and Frodo remove those threats. Go at it again. Oh yeah, Brego pwns as well.

Phase 4- FIGHT! Your companions are tough enough to handle it. Silent Traveler gets tokens when he fights, but if you feel like you need more skirmishing ability, you can add Watcher at Sarn Ford or Unyielding Ranger.

Phase 5- Heal! Tokens aplenty, give enough to Houses of Healing so all your guys heal. Faramirís Company and Damrod also help.

Ithilien Blade is not dead, it is simply a little more complicated. Which is how it is supposed to be. But with an effective use of Madril, Loyal Lieutenant, you can easily make a deck worthy of the Ithilien Blade.

Until Next Time!

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