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Posted: Mon Apr 07, 2008 7:08 pm
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In my last incarnation of this game, I had it that droids couldnít be exerted or wounded; thinking further on this, however, convinces me that thereís no real reason why they *couldnít* be (after all, C-3PO gets "wounded" quite a bit throughout the OT).

I will drop Grievous to 9.

Now Iíd like to start focusing on some things that have already caught my interest. Iíve already done one or two cards for each culture. Iím not ready to work on set design, because for now I think itíd be good to just make cards like crazy. I can always split things up later.

So, I think Iíll consider this thread finished. It has reintroduced everybody to this system. I will start another thread thatíll focus on the first culture to get fleshed out.
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