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Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2006 10:35 pm
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Hey RPGers Wink

This is EL. Post has been edited. This is now the completed/dead RPG archive. All completed RPG’s will be linked to from here. Thumbs Up

The Ancient and Masterful RPG’s of Cobra Cards:
In no particular order...

The Secrets of the South
The Revenge of the Haradrim
The Ring of Doom
Mirkwood: The Shadow Returns
Seige of Moria
Rebellion at Cirith Ungol
Attack on the Eastmenet
Beorning Battle
A Shadow on Mirkwood
Attack on Helm’s Deep
The Seige of Osgiliath ROTK
The Invasion of Bree
The Seige of Osgiliath
The Valar Wars: The Return of Morgoth
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