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elf lvr
Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 7:35 pm
Joined: 13 Jun 2006 Posts: 3065 Location: Rivendell
"Could it be?" Imhis thought, as he heard Tuilin’s exclamation. [i]Could this small thing be the plague we were looking for?"[/i’

"Bring it down!" Shouted Durail, and Tuilin, box under one arm, decended toward their party.

"Let me see it, let me see!" Shouted Imhis with delight. Tuilin handed over the box, and Imhis checked it over carefully. Slowly, his smile faded. "We are not at the end just yet. We need no dagger to open this box, it has a simple keyhole. This cannot be the plague."

He fiddled a moment with the keyhole, but was unable to undo the lock. With a sigh, he dropped the box to the ground, and pulled out his sword. With one mighty blow, the rusted lock was split in two. He reached down, and carefully opened the box. Inside, there was an old piece of parchment, with strange script inside.

"I don’t know how to read this," Imhis said, with slight shame. "It looks like some elvish writing to me. Corvus!" Imhis threw the box to him, "What does it say?" Corvus studied the box for a moment, and slowly spoke.

"This is strange. The plague was once here, but it was moved. This paper says that it was moved, by ship, many years ago. But it can’t have reached its destination... it was being sent to Near Harad."

"So... the ship must have sank?" Inquired Tuilin.

"Yes, I believe so," said Corvus. "The only problem is, where? I know the path of the ship, very vaguely, but we can’t know exactly where it sank."

"Yes we can," said Imhis, quietly. "I heard of such a ship, on such a journey. I knew not its cargo, but I’m still surprised I hadn’t thought of it earlier. Let’s get out of this forsaken place. Then we’ll need a way to get to the middle of a sea..."
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Posted: Tue May 01, 2007 4:25 pm
Joined: 10 Oct 2005 Posts: 1199 Location: Out on the front line
Durail slowly stood. Pirates were the only source of transportation in these uncivilized parts. He had traveled many times with pirates, but a strange warning was sounding in his head.
Imhis stood, "I know just the man!"
Corvus looked up. "Let’s hope he won’t over charge."

"He won’t." Imhis smilled fiendishly. "He’s dead, but I know where his boat is."

Corvus and Tuilin exchanged looks though it was Tuilin who spoke. "I have a feeling this may go ill if we don’t hurry. My senses are not sharp, though they are fairly keen, and I say we move now." Corvus nodded his agreement. "Let’s move." Pustachio stood, grabbed his sword, and followed the company, Imhis led the way with Durail as rear guard.


On a hill over looking a small temple, a hill stood. All was quiet and calm, though evil and sinister. A faint noise broke the silence. A wooden door was lifted, and out stepped a large, menacing figure. He was met by an easterling in gold armor.
"How did it fair?" The one in gold pried.
"Not all well." the tall one pulled a box from his coat. This box holds the dagger, however there are two others. one with the incantations, and the other with the key to this box. I need the box with the incantations. they will be coming out soon, follow them, then use your judgement, how ever little it is, and decide when to kill them."

"Yes sir." The one in gold answered. turning, he muttered under his breath. "I will deal with you later."
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Posted: Sun May 06, 2007 12:56 pm
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Tuilin had been running a long time. For an elf, that generally wasn’t hard, but with pustachio perched on his shoulders, it added up. He stopped out of breath. “Your turn” he gasped to Corvus, who shouldered the hobbit. They waited a bit to let Tuilin rest, then they were off again. The pace would have been murderous to untrained men, but 2 of them were elves, and Imhis and Durail had had enough training not to hold them back. Finally after 2 days hard running, they arrived.
The good news was the ship was there and in good condition by the look of it. The bad news was there were about 50 corsairs milling around outside of it, and another 10 or so on its deck. “There could be even more below” Corvus mused. “Not exactly the best of odds” Durail was sitting a few feet away drawing in the sand. Pustachio was putting on his leather armor. Durail suddenly stood up. “I have a plan” “Let’s hear it” Corvus and Tuilin said in unison. “We split up, Tuilin and me will distract those not on the ship and lead them away a bit, Imhis and Corvus, you two will ‘depopulate’ the boat. Pustachio, you can go with either part, I can tell you now that mine will have more risk involved.” Pustachio looked at both groups then said “I think it is time I proved my worth to this party, I will go with you.” Durail nodded and the two groups set out. Tuilin and Durail slowly moved hidden by the dune. Tuilin eased at his bow and nocked and arrow. Durail slowly drew flame from his scabbard.
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Posted: Wed May 09, 2007 2:32 pm
Joined: 10 Oct 2005 Posts: 1199 Location: Out on the front line
Durail moved slowly, toward the ship, Tuilin had an arrow fit in his bow string, and was providing cover should Durail be seen, Pustachio was acting as bodyguard for the woodland archer. Corvus and Imhis moved toward the guards on the ground.

Durail pulled a throwing dagger from his belt, and threw it into the guard on the ship. Corvus made his move right after Durail, and stabbed the guard in front of him. Imhis pulled a dagger from his belt too, and killed a guard on the other side of the ship. Tuilin and Pustachio moved forward, and after Durail had climed aboard the ship and lowered a rope down. once on board, the crew went below deck.

"There is alot of people down here. why?" Tuilin spoke out loud. Durail pulled Flame, it glowed firey orange. With one swift move he pushed open a door, and tuilin fired in, instantly killing a southroner. Durail and pustachio charged in, and took on most of the rest. Tuilin fired three more arrows in, pulled his sword, and charged in too. pretty soon all the work was done, both inside and out of the ship.

"Durail!" Corvus’ clear elven voice filled the air. "Imhis and I are heading back to camp, to gather the supplies. We have scouted around the ship, i found no one."
"Hurry up, the tide will come in soon."

Corvus and Imhis had been gone for several minutes, and the ones on boared the ship grew worried. A sudden yell rose above all other noises, followed by the sounds of battle. Corvus and Imhis came running from the thicket, followed by several hundred southroners. Corvus turned and struck down several southroners, then turned and ran toward the ship.

"Tuilin! get the ship ready!" Durail yelled as he hopped of the side. "i have to get the ropes off." Imhis ran up, and pulled himself up. All the ropes were up, and the ship was sailing into the sea, when a surprise attack group charged Durail and Corvus, who were still on the ground. Corvus pulled both swords, and Durail Flame.

"Seem familier?" Durail asked.
Corvus laughed lightly, turned to Durail, and screamed one word. "Run!"

The two ran toward the leaving ship, and began swimming. arrows shot past them, but they made it to the ship, and climed aboard. they were now headed towards the open sea.
There is a power in this world beyond any of us, and Jesus is that power and The Savior.

Cool this is my attempt to look cool.
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