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Posted: Sun Jan 21, 2007 8:57 pm
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Pustachio felt terrible. He couldn’t move without pain burning into his shoulder and his side. He had been told countless times that it would heal, but when? With these kinds of wounds they would end up slowed down to a crawl. They would never catch the escaping...he wasn’t sure what they had fought. He hadn’t liked it. All he knew was that it had beaten them badly and escaped. All of a sudden he thought of somthing, if this strange magical thing had defeated them, why did it run away? He shuddered as he pushed his makshift bandage on his shoulder a little higher up his arm.
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Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2007 5:46 pm
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The company had been camped by the ruined temple for two nights, nursing their wounds and deciding what to do. All of this time, Imhis sat alone, gently running his finger along the edge of one of his throwing knives. Eventually, Durail came up to him.

"What ails you, Imhis?" Durail asked, kneeling down by Imhis’s side.

"This is all very disconcerning. They have the dagger. We have lost. Besides, even if there was anything we could do, that man, whatever his true name is, is far more powerful than us. And even if we were a match for him, him and his steed are far away from here now." Imhis let out a great sigh. "There is no point to our quest anymore."

"Imhis. You speak as a dead man would. We are alive. We have hope yet."

"What hope is this?"

"That man does not know where the plague lies, obviously. Else it would already be upon us."

"You speak true. But we do not know where it is."

"Has that stopped us before? You are our guide, you must guide us," said Durail, teasingly.

"Guide you to where?"

"Why, to the plague of course. We must meet that shapeshifter when he finds it."

"We know not where it is, as I’ve said before. Dolenalkar would have had enough time to search the last temple. If the plague was there, he would have released it by now."

"But maybe there is some clue to where the plague lies. Some shred of evidence that that man missed."

Imhis sighed once more. "I suppose, but..."

"But nothing," Durail said sharply, cutting him off. "If there is the slightest chance we could find the plague, we must take it. That temple is our only hope."

Imhis cracked a smile. "Then what are you waiting for? Get the others ready, we move out now."
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Posted: Wed Jan 24, 2007 6:47 pm
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While Gagnut was inside the bar, the other trolls were outside, a group of pirates fresh off the boat after a raid came by. They were the usual pirate scum, exept they were meaner and burlier than most pirates, and they were sober, they wanted a fight, but they didn’t know that they were going to pick a fight with some trolls until they started talking about the weather.

" ’ll ’at is ’is" a pirate spat out at one of teh trolls, "I ’ought ’ey ’i ’lear ’a ’oud a’ong ’ime ’ao" the man had a strange accent, and was hard to under stand, so the trolls thought that he was insulting them.
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Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 4:42 pm
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The party moved on with their hearts raised once more. Pustachio was riding along with Durail, still hurting from his arrow wounds. The whole party had recognised his endeavor, and praised him for his valorous deeds. The party had decided to go investigate at the last temple. They were riding all the way East, towards the third and last temple, the one Donalankar had searched, but didn’t manage to get the plague at. They should find it or the world would once more suffer under the ill concepts of a sorcerer. The party was determined to prevent that. Already the North Middle Earth was totally free as Moria fell into the hands of the dwarvs once more. Dale defended well against the Easterlings, Gondor was ready to occupy Harad, and Mordor was nearly emptied. The only places that didn’t belong to the free peoples were the Eastern lands and Harad. "And of cource wherever Eidolon stands" thought Corvus. But he let that thought fly from his head.

They were nearly at the temple, when Imhis nodded them to stop. They got off the horses and spied at the temple. The elves and ranger hid behind a sand hill, and watched what Imhis had just seen. Southrons were guarding the place. "Good, more guards, that’s what we needed" said Tuilin. But before he had finished his phrase, Corvus had already started walking to the temple after whispering "enough of this s***". His look was hard as steel, and his face almost red with anger. "What is the fool doing?" Asked Tuilin. Durail understood. "The hunter is back..."

Corvus walked to the temple with his bow ready in hand. Some southrons raised theirs, but they fell down along with their owner’s bleeding bodies. A southron came out to face the elf, one dressed in black. Leorak smiled at the sight of the elf, and drew his blade. He charged against the elf, as the rest of the southrons watched their leader perform his deadly techniques. His blade swung across the air to intimidate his opponent. The elf hardly noticed the moves, and looked at Leokar’s eyes. In a single moment, Leokar had just one eye and a much smaller mass of brain. The avenger lustily drunk his blood and let him all on the ground.

Most southrons looked at each other and started running to the south. Corvus fell on their retreating forces and slew them. His sword and dagger were covered in red in less than 5 minutes. His companions raced to help him, but they were too late. all the southrons had either headied eastwards of fallen to the avenger. Good work noticed Pustachio, but a swing from the avenger nearly took his head. It would have, if Durail hadn’t pulled him back realizing the look in his eyes. "The hunter took over..."

Imhis drew his blade and stood still. A very wise move, because the hunter swung his sword at him, and he would have decapitated him with his swift strike. the two started fighting with excellent sword techniques, and they others could nothing but watch, as Durail was holding Pustachio to keep him from trembling, and the others feared too much to appraooh him. They had seen the hunter fight, and remembered it was nor a pretty sight neither a pleasant thing to do.

Soon, Imhis made a mistake. He dodged a strike by strafing on the left, and as a strike from the dagger on the right made him parry it, the avenger made Imhis keep his sword low. The dagger of the elf was ready to plunge itself into the man, but Durail just managed to pull him back right in time saving once more one of his companions. "Corvus!" He screamed. "I order you to stop in the name of Elessar the king of this land!" The elf smiled. "I have roamed Mordor for years and lived. The hunter answers to no king, secondborn." A long pause came "I apologize" said the hunter. "Too many to let him fight alone..." Corvus fell on his knees; he blushed and started crying.
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Posted: Tue Jan 30, 2007 5:44 pm
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Durail let Pustachio go, and walked over to Corvus. he nelt beside his friend.
the two just sat for several minutes, words weren’t needed, and after time Corvus stood.
"come my friend, we are in a great hurry. it is now not just finding the dagger, but stopping the enemy."
Imhis walked over,
"What in the world was that!" anger shown all over his face.
"Let him be!" Durail barked back.
"I am leader, i will..."
"ENOUGH!" Tuilin shouted. "Can you not see it? We are fighting among ourselves, this won’t help us, only the enemy!"
Durail and Imhis both saw the wisdom in this, and stopped arguing.
"Come we must search the temple." Imhis broke the silence. several hours of searching revealed nothing, and the disheartend group sat down to rest.

"It doesn’t make sence," Imhis said to himself, "this is where he would come."
"What?" asked Durail, standing to his feet. a noise filled the room, and Durail turned pale white. everyone looked down at where he stood.

cracks ran from his feet all around him, any move would cause him to fall through the floor into the unknown darkness.
Imhis lept up, "that’s it!" he ran over to Durail, and jumped onto the cracking stone. the two men fell through the floor, and landed with a hard thud.

Imhis was on his feet, blade drawn and staring into the darkness. Durail rose slowly, but managed to get up. a dark figure loomed up in the grey darkness. he too had a sword in his hand...
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Posted: Wed Jan 31, 2007 7:16 pm
Joined: 14 Mar 2006 Posts: 846 Location: Ames, Iowa
That man really wasn’t talking to the trolls at all, but he was completly taken off guard when the troll punched him so hard in the crest that he instanly was sent spawling into all his pirate buddies, it was a large ship, there were over 300 pirates, and a greater perchentage of them were knocked down. When they saw the dead body on the ground, " ’oor ’undel ’e ’as ’ild ’ik ’e og ’at ’e ’as". They were angery at the trolls, so they showed it by brandishing their swords at them. That was their last mistake, if the trolls had more brain then they had, they wouldn’t have gotten into trouble, but they didn’t seem to think that 300 or more pirates were much of a threat. Right when Gagnut came out of the tavern, one of the trolls just smashed a pirate into the cobbolled street with a hammer. They just kept on coming, a call was sent around for a fight, every thing within a half-mile that had a weapon joined in. Gagnut, seeing that the situation needed a solution decided to act. He picked up his hammer and made the pirates that were hit wish that they had stepped aside for the troll. Now mind you, Gagnut didn’t want a fight there, but he did need to quickly get on the trail of the Plague.
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Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2007 6:15 pm
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Durail stood, he and Imhis had both fallen through a trap door, their enemy faced them. in one hand he held a long sword, and in the other a dagger. It appeared that he had just been chanting some sort of curse, but was not preocupied with his two invaders.

Imhis waisted no time, he plunged in striking hard and fast, but his former teacher knew all the moves Imhis was throwing and blocked them with ease.
By the time Durail stood and pulled Flame, Corvus had jumped down into the dark pit, and Tuilin was aiming an arrow at the sourcerer. A bow twang sounded throughout the room, and the arrow struck in the sourcerer’s arm. at that moment, Durail and Corvus charged in. they struck as a team, and moved as one person. Attacking while one was defending, or both attacking. Imhis had been struck on the head, and fell away from the attack long enough to recover himself. Pustachio was lowered in by Tuilin, and then the elf jumped nimbly in the hole too.

Imhis and Tuilin attacked, relieving Durail and Corvus. the sourcerer had what seemed like never ending strength! Pustachio stood to the side, throwing rocks trying to distract the enemy. Tuilin and Imhis moved not as gracefully as Durail and Corvus, but that was due to the fact that they hadn’t fought together as long.

the enemy began to move back; slowly, giving no more than a foot without a great fight. Tuilin was punched and flew back across the room. Imhis struggled to against his former teacher for several moments, but was beginning to loose ground. His former teacher made a strong attack, Imhis lost his balance, and fell hard to the ground. after dogging death for so long, it seemed like it was now taking him quickly.

It was in a sudden instant that Corvus, Tuilin and Durail all charged in. they moved hard and fast, striking, blocking and striking again. Pustachio gave Imhis a small liquid which revived him and he rejoined the fight. he moved in perfect unison with his three companions, and the pushed their enemy back into the darkness of the cave.

Imhis and Durail started attack on the sourcerer’s right, and Tuilin and Corvus on his left. Durail and Imhis being men seemed to work with the same style of attacks, and Corvus and Tuilin moved also with the same moves. Everyone’s attack was different than each other, though they were alike; this disrupted their enemy’s defence. with the occasional rock that struck from Pustachio, their enemy was soon overwhelmed, and fled down a side tunnel.
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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:08 am
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YES! Rang through Tuilin’s mind as the enemy retreated before them. The fight had been hard, Tuilin did a quick self-analysis, Bruised jaw, slashed thigh, strained back, nothing major. The battle had indeed been fought well. Tuilin reflected over it. It had taken all 4 of them, working together, with pustachio providing distraction, and an arrow in their enemy’s arm to make him flee. Then Tuilin realized something, previously his arrows had never been able to hit the magical beings he aimed at. either this foe had no grasp of magic, wasn’t powerful enough to stop the arrow, or knew it wouldn’t do damage to him. Tuilin hoped it was the first or second, but he feared that it was the third. "Next time we meet I will aim better, and we will see if you can fight with an arrow in your throat" he whispered. Pustachio walked up to him"That being was powerful" he said. Tuilin nodded. Pustachio spoke again "What can a humble hobbit do against such power?""You have heard of Frodo baggins and Sam Gamgee?" Pustachio nodded Well they were just humble hobbits, and they saved the whole of middle earth, you helped in our last battle, whether you know it or not, and you will help more. We need a cook as much as we need good fighters, and with practice you can be both." Pustachio seemed encouraged. and walked off whistling.
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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:50 am
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The party was tired from the fight with the strong sorcerer. They were all exhausted and hurt, but that was not enough to stop them. in fact, that was what kept them even more agile and vivid, willing to fight and offer as much as they could.

The party marched on deeper into the cave, with the cover of darkness. Tuilin and Corvus would switch in tracking positions, as they could sence the man’s powers. Every hour or so he would approach too close, but the party would be too aware to fall into a trap.

Imhis looked for not only signs of the enemy, but also hints in the dungeon’s whereabouts, as to where the plague might lay hidden. After about 3 hours of marching underground, and when the light of the torches seemed unsufficient, both due to the ultimate darkness, and the breeze that flickered their light, Imhis spoke: "Wait a minute... This stone... it looks like as if a sword-pointer, but the, but it doesn’t point deeper into the cave. I have seen more than one like this, and they led and pointed at the path we trode. But this one.... It points up and not sideways..."

Tuilin responded: "Then it might be some sort of sign! Let’s look for clues in the ceiling..." The party looked as high as they could with their limited lighting, but could see little. Durail said: "Tuilin, you are the most agile in the party. Can you climb up so you can see better? Then we will pass you a torch..." Tuilin nodded and started climbing on the sideway-wall pedestals. They were narrow but stable, so the elf could climb with ease. When he got up, he shouted: "Pass me a light!!!" Durail threw a torch up, and soon it stood standing in the elf’s hand.

"I see 3 swords like the one down, pointing at each other as if their knots were points of a circle...." Imhis smiled and said: "Then push the thing in the middle where they point at." .........................................

"Nothing! I will try to pull it!" He got a dagger out of his belt and started taking it out. "It’s a chainlink! I’ll try pulling down the chain!" So he did but it wouldn’t come down easily. Angry and dissapointed, Tuilin jumped on it and started pulling it down with his own weight. Soon, it had taken him down gently, and the roof had started to open. With a smile of satisfaction, Tuilin jumped back up unto the empty ceiling, and climbed into the hole.

A shout soon came: "I see a box!" The party smiled with delight...

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Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2007 9:50 am
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