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Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 4:01 pm
Joined: 29 Jan 2007 Posts: 8 Location: Greece, Athens
Here is a Black/Red extended deck, low cost and very fun.

// Lands
10 Mountain
14 Swamp

// Creatures
2 [MR] Yotian Soldier
4 [SC] Cabal Interrogator
4 [ON] Tribal Golem
4 [FD] Blind Creeper
4 [ON] Embermage Goblin
4 [RAV] Boros Recruit
4 [ON] Prowling Pangolin
4 [GP] Smogsteed Rider
2 [9E] Whip Sergeant

// Spells
4 [DIS] Wrecking Ball

// Sideboard
4 [RAV] Stinkweed Imp
4 [MR] Goblin Replica
4 [RAV] Last Gasp
3 [LE] Aphetto Exterminator

How it works (strategy):
As you see is a creature based deck with only 4 other spells Ė 4 Wrecking Ball for removal and (why not?) land destruction. The key card is the Tribal Golem which is a 4/4 creature which gains some very useful abilities when you control creatures of some type. So, it gains trample when you control a beast, haste if you control a goblin, first strike for a soldier, flying for a wizard and B:regenerate for a zombie.
Well, youíre going to say, thatís a lot of creature types, which are met at different sides of the color pie. But if you search well and through the last sets you can find them inÖ two of them. Just black and red.
The key here is the selection of some creatures which have two of the types that we need (such as Blind Creeper from Fifth Dawn set, which is a zombie beast). So with the current decklist in main deck we have:

16 wizards
8 beasts
8 soldiers
8 zombies
8 goblins

And all that playing with only two colors!

Iíve chosen some cards usefull in early game and some for later. Blind Creeper is a solid body in turn two with the drawback that it drops dead if 3 spells are played in a turn. Boros Recruit is just the 1/1 in first turn with first strike and Cabal Interrogator a 2 mana zombie wizard with a tricky discard effect (useful of course and for later game, especially when your opponent has two or one card left). For later game, Prowling Pangolin is going to give your opponent a great dilemma (if he has the 2 creatures to sacrifice). If he donítÖ well a useful heavy body early in game. Whip Sergeant will give haste at a creature that you just draw and played and you donít know what to do with the one untapped mountain you have. Smogsteed Rider has a very good finishing trick, fear to all your attacking creatures and if your opponent hasnít any artifact/black defenders then he is in trouble. And of course the Tribal Golem, the great finisher of our deck, which he hope that will become a baby Akroma. I forgot to mention Embermage Goblin, always useful when you have 4 of them.

I chose to include some Stinkweed Imp against flying threats, Goblin Replica against artifacts (and they are Goblins too!), Last Gasp for extra removal, and Aphetto Exterminator for the same reason (Wizard too).

How much it costs:
Well, thatís the best part for me. When I was building it I had in mind a budget casual deck and it became so. If weíre going to buy all of its cards from cobracards.com (including sideboard but not the basic lands) it is going to cost us 9.85$ (not bad!)

Iím open to any questions/suggestions!
Posted: Mon Jan 29, 2007 6:04 pm
Joined: 26 Jan 2007 Posts: 31 Location:
This deck does look pretty fun.
I have or can get most of these cards easily.
Plus I think itís cool the way it uses so many different creature types.
It does seem like it has a fairly high mana curve and a desperate lack of fliers for a creature based deck.

I would probably personally opt to use less creatures and more spells, but thatís just my play style.

Good way to use a fairly rogue rare.

I would say mana accel. or fixing would help.
If you could speed out a few cards and bump up to the six mana....Tribal Golem could be a major threat in a casual game.

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