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Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 8:11 pm
Joined: 25 May 2006 Posts: 409 Location: Minas Morgul
Name: Dunaglar Telcontar

Age: Young Adult

Race: Elf

Class: Ranger

Equipment: A Dunedain Blade. A Bow built by his Elven Kin. A small elven dagger. A leather Quiver that holds about 25 to 30 white fletched arrows.

Personality: Friendly to most. He likes to be alone at times,yet sometimes he likes to hang out with his buds. If you piss him off he will not hesitate to throw a fist your way.

History: He was born in Mirkwood, then by misfortune was orphaned to live on his own at a young age. he spent many nights alone in the dark and sometimes prefers to be this way. He has taught himself all he knows from hunting to sneaking to fighting and a couple of other things. He was then found by the Dunedain, which trained him in their ways. He has been to a couple of battles with the Dunedain and was very successful in the killing of Orcs and Uruk-Hai. He now takes to hunting with his friends and roaming through the forest when he feels like being alone. He likes to visit some of the local pubs and get the news from far off lands. He does quite a bit of traveling and can avoid being seen or heard when he wants to.

Alignment: Mostly good but if he is paid enough he will take the bad side of things.

Roleplay Type: Free Form
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Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 10:21 pm
Joined: 19 Mar 2006 Posts: 1218 Location: Wow, its hot in Iowa
Name: Carothen

Age: 35-38

Race: Rohirrim Man

Class: Soldier-Roamer

Equipment: Short recurved bow made by the some Elves that visited Edoras, the bow has great range for being a short bow since it is recurved. Two light throwing javelins that are kept in Carothenís saddle. Long dagger made by a Dwarven smith. Carothenís main weapon is a one and a half handed sword that was made by the finest smiths in Rohan, descendant of the smiths that made Herugrim.. He also owns a fine bred war horse called Eorlrend, and two pack horses.

Personality: Nice. For the most part. Can be protective.

History: Carothen was raised on the western side of Rohan. He father, Eodorl, son of Hendrang, was a soldier in the 2nd Eored and served faithfully as a soldier. Carothenís mother died giving birth to Carothen. His father died of disease when Carothen was 13 years old. Carothen was the youngest of four children so there was no inheritance for him. He worked in the smithies near Helms Deep until he was old enough to serve in the 2nd Eored as his father had done. He then struck out on his own, for a while he escorted and guided merchant caravans through the Gap of Rohan, protecting them against orcs and the other foul creatures of the area. He has since joined in the fight against Sauronís growing strength.

Alignment: Carothen fights for anyone of the good people of Middle Earth. He prefers to fight for and in Rohan, but has found that his skills are more useful in the realm of Gondor. He has a bitter hatred of Orcs, from having so many of his friends fall to orkish blades.
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Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:24 pm
Joined: 07 Apr 2006 Posts: 3361 Location: Franciscan University of Steubenville
Free-Form Character
Name: Elendion

Age: 400 years

Race: Elf

Class: Archer: Long-range

Equipment: A longbow of Mirkwood, a finely made quiver, holding thirty green-fletched arrows. A single white elven knife.

Personality: Intrepid, a bit of an adventurer, and sometimes throws caution to the winds. If someoneís leading others in something, itís usually him. Which used to get him into a bit of trouble when he was younger...

History: His father was a Bowguard at the Court of Tharanduil, and he trained his son in the ways of the Elven longbow. When the bow came of age, his father passed to him a single red-fletched arrow. This arrow had been passed through the generations of elves, up to the present-and it had supposedly never failed the Elves.

Despite coming of age, however, Elendion still had some maturing to do. He took a liking to the daughter of another Bowguard, named Estra, and soon began to play pranks to get her attention. They got attention, all right, but the wrong type. Elendion got in trouble several times.

Elendionís father took him on a hunting-trip, to try and mature them. While there, they were ambushed by a pack of Mirkwood spiders. Both survived, but his father sustained a huge gash along his right arm. He was crippled, unable to draw the bow again. So, Elendion took his place in the Bowguards.

He worked his way into their life, slowly erasing his reputation as a trickster. He also grew more fond of Estra, and sought to impress her by mighty deeds in his company.

Alignment: Good.
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Posted: Tue Jul 18, 2006 11:27 pm
Joined: 23 Jun 2006 Posts: 1193 Location: not sure yet
Ulgoth Manhewer

Age: 487

Race: Troll

Class: Fighter-Servant to Sauron

Equipment 1 massive solid iron hammer, 1 behemoth solid iron axe of mordor

Personality: Aggressive, Destructive, Violent. Easily angered.

History: Ulgoth wasnít born, he was created as a troll of modor. He has fought in hundreds of battles including the battle of pelenor fields. His history is not very well recorded, as with most trolls, the only thing recorded of their history is their kills in battle. Ulgoth has a small orc named Isterx who follows Ulgoth around in battle keeping count of his kills.

Throughout his many battles he has fought men, elves, and dwarves. He has killed over 650 of the various free peoples races. He most despises the elves because he is jealous of their beauty and grace, he deplores the men as well, he despises their majestic towers and white marble citadels. He does not, however, hate the dwarves.

Ulgoth does not fight alongside other trolls, he was set aside as the strongest troll of mordor and gothmog found it appropriate to allow Ulgoth to fight by himself. In this way, Ulgoth can kill more of the free peoples without harming other trolls or orcs by pummeling over them in his reckless tantrums.

Alignment: Bad, he is not bad by nature, his mind has been poisoned by sauron.
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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 11:26 am
Joined: 14 Mar 2006 Posts: 846 Location: Ames, Iowa
Iím sorry if there arnít trolls, but if ther are.

Gagnut the Elder

Age: 78

Race: Troll

Character: Smith

Armor: Steel Hauberk, Steel Helm

The story of Gag
Once upon a time there was a troll named Gag. He was a happy troll living in Far Harad. But he got older and restless, and eventually went away to southern Ithilien. There he found something wonderful, a nut, a walnut. He thought that nuts tasted so good that after a few weeks he changed his name to Gag the Nutter. Unfortunately, he was looking for more nuts when he was ambushed by an Orc patrol. They managed to overwhelm him and took him back to the land of Mordor.
After he was trained as an attack troll, he was put in a company of other trolls, but these were not the (fairly) civilized trolls of Far Harad, these were the barbarians of Gorgorath. When Gag told them his name, the dense, uncouth, barbarian trolls couldnít pronounce Gagís name, so he was called Gawh de Naatur. Naturally, Gag would have been annoyed about that but dense trolls are also bigger than the more civilized trolls.
One day the company was told to move out to attack the man-flesh to the west, a whole host of Orks and trolls and a few Nazgul to boot. They came to the river Anduin only to find that the city was already taken by the vanguard. The division that Gag was in stayed behind and built the siege machines. It was very boring for an energetic troll like Gag.
When the machines were built, they awaited orders from one of Sauronís lieutenants, but the order never came. Word came from the front that reinforcement for the man-flesh had come and that the leader of the lieutenants was destroyed. When his company heard that, they were all in terror. They fled back to the Black Gate where Sauronís forces were mustered.
Gag was outfitted with armor and a large sword. As he was waiting to be deployed, he was thinking about his delicious nuts. When the gates finally opened, the entire host of Mordor streamed out of the gates. Gag went through the lines of men in bright armor and shining swords. He saw a king of men standing in the fray. Gag charged and knocked him off his feet. The man stabbed him in the foot. Gag was about to deal the final blow when he heard a great crashing noise. He was scared and ran away from the battle.
Gag changed his name to Gagnut, a more awe inspiring version of his former name, he moved to Moria, the last great stronghold of evil in middle earth, he was accepted by the goblins and made a apprentice of metalworking, he learned what there is to be learned and became a smith, and he is to this day a smithy of weaponry.
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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 12:12 pm
Joined: 30 Mar 2006 Posts: 321 Location: it's getting hotter in Iowa every day
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Armor: Leather Gauntlets Leather Hauberk

Weapons: Throwing Knife, Axe

age: 19

Height: 6í 5Ē

Weight: medium

Personality: Proud and wary

History: lived in the carrock until wargs killed his settlement burned his farm and left him for dead, he came back and is wandering... out for revenge on anything evil.

Skill, very limited, does not know any other languages, and tends to make big mistakes

Side: Doesnít trust Elves or dwarfs and is not friendly to most men.
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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:23 pm
Joined: 12 Jul 2005 Posts: 1202 Location: Austin, TX, USA
Name: Elendun, The Western Star

Age: 140

Race: Man

Class: Ranger

Equipment: A long dagger forged in the Lonely Mountain. A short bow of Mirkwood with a small quiver of arrows. A broad sword such as the Rohirrim use. Light padded armor, a pair of sturdy boots, and a worn traveling cloak.

Personality: He is a loner. He is friendly enough, but also distant and mysterious, so that no one really knows him. His eyes are piercing, and tinged with a certain sadness; talk with him and you will find that he smiles often, but never laughs.

History: Like his kinsman Aragorn Elessar, Elendun was raised in Rivendell. He developed great prowess with bow and blade, and when he came of age he joined a company of rangers. These men travelled far and accomplished many great deeds, earning the trust and respect of all Free Peoples they encountered.

Then, when Elendun was perhaps 60 years of age, the company vanished. Long years went by, and the rangers were thought to be lost forever. But it was not so, for nearly twenty years later, Elendun was seen wandering slowly out of the East, alone. He would say nothing of what he had seen; but as he journeyed westward, he was observed by many friendly eyes. His mind and body were as strong as ever, but his spirit was broken.

Elendun returned to Rivendell, but he was known there and constantly questioned, and could find no rest in such a place. He continued his journey, and before long reached Bree. There he was neither known nor questioned, for in Bree the townsfolk know little of rangers, and nothing of war. He must have been satisfied with this, for he has wandered the surrounding forest ever since, watching over the simple people of Bree.

Elendun is an old man now, and what horrors he witnessed in the dark Eastern lands may never be known. He lives now only to protect the innocent from such things.

Alignment: Good.

Roleplay Type: Free Form
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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 1:32 pm
Joined: 10 Jan 2006 Posts: 4197 Location: United States
Name: Telmonar

Age: Twenty

Race: Man

Class: Ranger

Equipment: Long-bladed sword, short knife, bow, and a quiver capable of holding twenty arrows.

Personality: Shy and intelligent. An avid reader, and a lover of history.

History: Born approximately twenty miles southwest of Ithilien, Telmonar enjoyed roaming the countryside. He went on adventures with his father, who was a merchant from Minas Tirith. By the time Telmonar was twelve years old, he had seen the white walls of Minas Tirith, the fair woods of Ithilien, the plains of Rohan, the borders of Mirkwood, and even one glimpse of Rivendell. At the age of sixteen, a small group of Elves passed by his home and asked if he would like to be taught in a small swordsmanship training class for young Elves and Men. Telmonar agreed, and he left home and traveled to Mirkwood with the small band of Elves. In the Elven palaces within Mirkwood, he was tutored in swordsmanship skills by some of the finest teachers in Middle-earth. He completed the class at the age of nineteen, and was considered by his teachers the quickest learner among his fellow students. Less than a week after Telmonarís twentieth birthday, Thranduil employed him to protect areas surrounding Mirkwood and within Mirkwood itself from the various minions of the Dark Lord.

Alignment: For the destruction of Sauronís servants.

Update (7-28-06): Telmonar was slain by Orcs in Osgiliath in the Siege of Osgiliath ROTK thread.
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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:48 pm
Joined: 04 Jan 2006 Posts: 444 Location: Up North
Free-form Character

Name: Mahir "skilled"

Age: 23

Race: Man

Class: Raider Archer, Thief

Equipment: Bow of the Haradrim, a quiver of 30 arrows, cloaked in scarlet, hooded and masked, experience and skill of a veteran.
Stealth provides his protection.

Personality: Silent, wise, respected.

History: Bred in the merciless deserts of Haradwaith. Mahir grew up in a world of legends, and found himself caught up in the conquests and hardships of his race. His people, blinded by Sauron, are driven by revenge, but Mahir sees the defeat of Gondor as the beginning of peace for his family. His battles have brought much honor to his name and glory to his people. Now, with the command of many mumakil, Mahir looks to Gondor.
All threats eliminated. His name will be remembered.

Allignment: The savage Haradrim.
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Posted: Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:30 pm
Joined: 13 Jun 2006 Posts: 3065 Location: Rivendell
Free-form Character
Name: Silvar Qualinesti

Age: about 1400

Race: Elf

Class: Ranger

Equipment: An elven sword, with a short hilt. A shortbow from Mirkwood. A hunting knife.

Personality: Once very fiery and brave, but now much subdued. Quiet, reserved, and wise. Sarcastic sense of humor. Hates the world, except for a few elves.

History: Silvar was born to servants to the house of the king of mirkwood. He met and became good friends with the prince, an elf called legolas. The two loved to compete with each other in almost every way, and they soon bacame able swordsmen, archers, and hunters. However, a scandal in his house caused his family to be expelled from the kingdom of mirkwood. His family was on their own, with no one to help them.

They survived for a while, living off the land. But a scouting band of orcs stumbled upon the wandering family, and his parents were killed. He managed to escape, and ran into a party of rangers from Ithilien. They told him to flee and leave them alone, but in secret he followed them. He was caught attempting to steal food from them, and was severly beaten and left for dead.

He was found by an elven lady from Lorien, and she nursed him back to health. He fell in love with her, but his love was not returned. He was persistant, and soon she was forced to leave him. His heart broken, he wandered aimlessly for months. He found his way to an inn at bree...

Has gotten revenge on a traitor elf for his family. He has finally found friends in the dunedain rangers. now, his future is uncertain as he fights for the future of middle earth in osgiliath.

He dies in the ROTK seige of osgiliath, after wounding a nazgul. But he gained revenge for his family. His spirit is at peace.

Allignment: For the forces of good in Middle Earth
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