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Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2006 5:01 pm
Joined: 15 Jul 2005 Posts: 3947 Location: Maryland
Format: War of the Ring Block

Ring-bearer and Ring
Frodo, Protected by Many
The One Ring, The Ring of Rings

Adventure Path
Pelennor Fields
Northern Pelennor
Flats of Rohan
Wold Battlefield
Trollshaw Forest

Free Peoples (33)
Gamling, Defender of the Hornburg (starting)
Eowyn, Restless Warrior (starting)
Eomer, Heir to Meduseld x2
Theoden, King of the Eorlingas
Haethen, Veteran Fighter
Riddermark Javelin x4
Rider’s Spear x4
Rohirrim Mount x4
Rally Cry x4
Hamstrung x3
Sword Rack x3
Freely Across Our Land x2
Border Patrol x3

Shadow (33)
Armored Easterling x4
Column of Easterlings x3
Rampaging Easterling x3
Easterling Shield Wall x3
Harrying Hillman x3
The Mouth of Sauron, Messenger of Mordor x3
Goaded to War x3
Poisonous Words x3
Countless Companies x2
Oath Sworn
Pavise x2
Worn Battleaxe x3

Free Peoples Strategy
The object of this deck is to annihilate your opponent’s minions before the skirmish phase. To do this, you increase the archery total with the Riddermark Javelins, and exert their minions with Border Patrol.

Since you want your site path, bid high enough to make sure you go second. You need your plains sites, since they help your Free Peoples side and your Shadow side.

Why I chose these companions:
Gamling, Defender of the Hornburg - he can get your possessions fast.
Eowyn, Restless Warrior - she reduces the amount of twilight, and reinforces tokens on Border Patrol and Freely Across Our Land.
Eomer, Heir to Meduseld - very high strength, so he can beat up any minions that survive.
Theoden, King of the Eorlingas - good stats, and increases everyone’s strength.
Haethen, Veteran Fighter - great against fierce minions, like Nazgul.

Rider’s Spear is a nice weapon. Rohirrim Mount is good, in case you get swarmed. Riddermark Javelin can provide 8 archery each site.

Sword Rack brings back your Javelins. Freely Across Our Land does the same thing, but is good for double-moving. Border Patrol can exhaust their minions in the shadow phase, before they can use any abilities that exert them.

Rally Cry and Hamstrung are good events to make your Rohirrim stronger.

Usually, you will want to stay behind, so you can take full advantage of your sites. Once you get completely set up, you may want to take the lead and put more pressure on your opponent.

Shadow Strategy

The Shadow is reasonably simple: beat up all the companions.

If you can get the Mouth of Sauron early, he can set up your support area, with all your conditions. This will help out immensely.

The main object is to play Armored Easterling and several other lurkers, and then use AE’s ability to kill off a bunch of companions. The other lurkers all have good abilities to help complete your objective.

Goaded to War adds a bunch of twilight, since you will have control of the site path. Oath Sworn and Poisonous Words can add even more twilight, so that Armored Easterling’s ability becomes deadly. Countless Companies recycles your Pavises and Worn Battleaxes.

Please give me some feedback. Thanks!
MODS RULE. - lem0nhead
Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 12:40 am
Joined: 27 Dec 2005 Posts: 22 Location: Utah
Have you considered Strong Arms to make all of your sites plains for your javelins and mounts?
~Death they cried, with one voice loud and terrible~
Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 1:15 am
Joined: 04 Jan 2006 Posts: 444 Location: Up North
I think this is the first time I’ve tryed to make sence of a Men deck.
looks really good. Smile
Some of the best scenarios on EE...
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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 2:42 am
Joined: 12 Jul 2005 Posts: 1202 Location: Austin, TX, USA
Theoden_Horse-master wrote:
Have you considered Strong Arms to make all of your sites plains for your javelins and mounts?

Strong Arms is way too conditional to be a playable card, IMO. Just think about the mechanics of playing it and then moving -- it’s only useful if you play it on a site you’re about to move to. That means you’re behind on the site path... which also means you’re in control of the sites, and should have plains out anyway. Cool
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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2006 8:17 am
Joined: 15 Jul 2005 Posts: 3947 Location: Maryland
In addition, this is a War of the Ring Block deck. Smile
MODS RULE. - lem0nhead
Posted: Tue Mar 21, 2006 12:49 pm
Joined: 25 Jan 2006 Posts: 93 Location: Belgium
a good deck
and when those spears of hunters come out... Cool
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