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Posted: Sun Jan 27, 2008 5:11 pm
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Okay, here’s the question.

I have 2 Soul Wardens out with 2 Gaea’s Anthem (3/3 each)

Other guy has an attacking Siege-Gang Commander and 1/1 Goblin Token, no P/T modifiers.

I block the two attacking guys with my Soul Wardens, he sacks them both to deal 2 damage each to my Soul Wardens, and then says that combat damage kills them, claiming that he lets damage go on the stack before sacrificing the creatures.

I’m not sure that’s legal. Is it?
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Felipe Musco
Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 12:34 am
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It is. You see, in the combat damage step, damage actually goes onto the stack to resolve, meaning creatures "lock" their power, sending the correct amount of damage to the stack, BUT allowing players to gain priority to play spells and/or abilities BEFORE damage resolves, so in this case, each goblin would lock in 1 point of damage to each warden, while they would lock 3 to each Goblin. Then, he gains priority, using Siege-Gang’s ability and hurling the Goblins onto your blockers, dealing 2 damage to each one. Then, when combat damage resolves, they’ll receive 1 more each, EVEN THOUGH they won’t have anything left to deal damage to. This is why there’s that golden rule no one can EVER forget, which is, "an ability on the stack is INDEPENDENT from its source unless stated otherwise", meaning anything that has gone onto the stack WILL resolve wether the thing that sent it there is still in the game or not, unless it’s specified otherwise (like Bridge From Below, which specifically says tha you only put tokens into play if it’s still in your graveyard).

Hope I helped.

NOTE: Of course, he has to CLEARLY state that he DID let damage onto the stack, since he DOES get priority to sac them BEFORE damage is put on the stack as well.
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