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Posted: Fri Feb 01, 2008 7:28 pm
Joined: 06 Feb 2007 Posts: 557 Location: Cedar Rapids, IA
--- description ---
Uruk-hai who get stronger as the fellowship gets weaker! Doesn’t that make your gnarled-up teeth (that would make a dentist scream) quiver with excitement?!
--- end description ---

Minions (22)

•Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord (x4)
•Lurtz, Minion of the White Wizard (x2)
•Mûmak Commander, Giant Among the Swertings (x2)
Hounding Uruk (x4)
Bloodthirsty Uruk (x4)
Invincible Uruk (x4)
White Hand Traveler (x2)

Conditions (4)

Deathly Roar (x4)

Events (4)

Furor (x4)

Possessions (4)

Weapon of Opportunity (x4)

Total: 34

Purpose of each card in the deck

•Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord – A very good throw-in to any Uruk-hai deck. He’s an instant strength +6 at the ready if he’s unwounded, and if you succeed in killing companions he lets you use more strength +2 boosts! His main purpose is attributed to the minions he pumps up, as the goal for using Saruman in this deck is to make sure your damage +1 baddies win their skirmishes to exhaust 3 vitality companions.

•Lurtz, Minion of the White Wizard – Ouch! He’s strength +3 for EACH exhausted companion I can spot? How can we have a deck like this without Lurtz, Minion of the White Wizard?!?! He’s also an archer, which may or may not aid you in exhausting companions. His muster is useful, and his stats are very beefy. Costed for what he does, and he goes with a deck like this as gravy goes with mashed potatoes.

•Mûmak Commander, Giant Among the Swertings – A Men minion you say? Well, this couldn’t be a better choice than any of the other Men minions they’ve come out with. He excels at making this deck work. How? Instant 2 exertions to any non-ring bearer companion. Instant exhaustion to any 3 vitality companion. That in and of itself is powerful, but with this deck it gets even more deadly.

Hounding Uruk – Don’t ya just love those little minions that “hound” your opponents? Well, Hounding Uruk does that with his 2 cost. As the lowest-costing minion of this deck, he’s also the weakest…unless you can spot an exhausted companion. But wait…not being able to spot an exhausted companion with THIS DECK?! Yeah, thought so.

Bloodthirsty Uruk – Going along the same principles as the Hounding Uruk, this guy gets bigger as the fellowship gets weaker (no, really). What more could we ask for, a mainstay cog is what this minion is.

Invincible Uruk – Ok, pretty much the only archery or other wounding protection this deck has. Doesn’t really purify the theme much, but this minion does help to cover a weakness!

White Hand Traveler – Nice! So Ent decks, Shire decks, and Gandalf decks that think they can keep from being exhausted, just got a wakeup call from this guy. He becomes damage +2 which can exhaust companions that belong to the aforementioned decktypes, or kill 3 vitality companions. It won’t be hard to spot 2 other Uruk-hai minions with those Hounding Uruks and those Bloodthirsty Uruks surfing around.

Deathly Roar – Self-explanitory, really. Makes it so your opponent doesn’t want to play possessions and artifacts. If they do, exertion city. Exertions on companions will make any shadow player’s jowls drip with excitement, yours especially.

Furor – Standard skirmish event for the Uruk-hai minions. But not so standard in this one! “Exhausted companions” is the name of the game, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a strength +3 boost anytime you want to use this. Coupled with Saruman, Agent of the Dark Lord, it gets really tough for your opponent to win skirmishes.

Weapon of Opportunity – The strength boost is nice, but if you can play it on Invincible Uruk or Lurtz, Minion of the White Wizard, you get to draw a card. Nice cycling weapon, and helps you to win your skirmishes. Not bad I say.

Possible Changes Considered

1) White Hand Traveler was a minion I found while looking through my binder that seemed like a sugar coating for this deck for the aforementioned reasons. But, maybe there are better minions out there like Furious Uruk (which prevents special abilities from being used on companions/possessions)? Any suggestions here?
2) Weapon of Opportunity is a good utility weapon for cycling, but that’s all it is. Doesn’t seem like it would be quite as effective. Maybe Berserker Torch would be better?

Any feedback or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:31 pm
Joined: 25 Apr 2007 Posts: 545 Location: Groningen, the Netherlands
I really like Isengard Sword, just for the simple fact that I would like the opponent’s character weaker instead of mine stronger. I mean in a battle your uruk is 11 and your opponent is 7, with a regular sword you are 13, which doesn’t kill your opponent, but with this he is 5...instant kill!
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Posted: Tue Feb 12, 2008 5:12 pm
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On this tactic Berserker torch is good weapon, it gives strenght for every wound on each character in skrimish. You can also toil it. It can be very useful.
Posted: Fri Mar 21, 2008 7:45 am
Joined: 17 Jul 2007 Posts: 8 Location: You wish you knew.
or could my first victim be seating right here?
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MR. Lurtzy
Posted: Sun Mar 23, 2008 12:23 am
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Incognito wrote:
or could my first victim be seating right here?

Thou in faith will keep us safe...

BTW, this is an awesome deck idea. (particularly the Lurtz incorperation) In fact, unless I am heavily mistaken or dilirious, this idea was one of the first that I actually used in a real deck. Dancing
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