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Author Topic: Trade List (Again)- RoS/T&D R/C/U (Aragorn, Defender of Rohan, et al.)  (Read 4388 times)
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Most Likely To Usurp Kralik and Dáin

« on: July 19, 2011, 06:42:35 AM »

*asterisk = in trade.




2x   0P18   Smeagol, Old Noser   Gollum
2x   0P27   Frodo, Resolute Hobbit   Shire
1x   0P48   Shelob, Last Child of Ungoliant   Gollum

The Fellowship of the Ring

1x   1R28   Wealth of Moria   Dwarven
1x   1R93   Arwen's Fate   Gondor
1x   1R114   The Saga of Elendil   Gondor
1x   1R114   The Saga of Elendil [T]   Gondor
1x   1R115   Strength of Kings   Gondor
1x   1R186   Guard Commander   Moria
1x   1R195   Relics of Moria   Moria
1x   1R204   All Veils Removed   Wraith
4x   1R252   The Irresistible Shadow   Sauron
1x   1R252   The Irresistible Shadow (Foreign)   Sauron

Mines of Moria

1x   2R7     Gloin, Friend to Thorin   Dwarven
1x   2R12   Realm of Dwarrowdelf   Dwarven
1x   2R38   Shield of Boromir   Gondor
1x   2R50   The Balrog's Sword   Moria
1x   2R57   Final Cry   Moria
1x   2R66   Huge Tentacle   Moria
1x   2R74   Whip of Many Thongs   Moria
1x   2R77   His Terrible Servants   Wraith
1x   2R109   Orc-Bane   Shire

Realms of the Elf-Lords

1x   3R15   Forests of Lothlorien (Foreign)   Elven
1x   3R67   The Palantir of Orthanc (Foreign)   Isengard
1x   3R99   Orc Trooper   Sauron
1x   3R102   Our List Of Allies Grows Thin (Foreign)   Sauron

The Two Towers

2x   4R52   My Axe is Notched   Dwarven
1x   4R69   Final Count   Elven
1x   4R231   Eastern Emyn Muil   Raider
1x   4R315   Sam, Frodo's Gardener   Shire
1x   4R317   Sam's Pack   Shire

Battle of Helm's Deep

1x   5R116   Sting, Baggins Heirloom   Shire

Ents of Fangorn

1x   6R15   Elrond, Keeper of Vilya (Foreign)   Elven
1x   6R30   Gandalf, Mithrandir   Gandalf
1x   6R46   They Stole It   Gollum
1x   6R49   Ancient Roads   Gondor
2x   6R74   Sharku, Vile Marauder   Isengard
1x   6R74   Sharku, Vile Marauder (Foreign)   Isengard
1x   6R76   The Balrog, Terror of Flame and Shadow   Moria
1x   6R80   Southron Archer Legion (Foreign)   Raider
1x   6R85   Sword of Dol Guldur (Foreign)   Wraith
1x   6R92   Eomer, Rohirrim Captain (Foreign)   Rohan
1x   6R114   Pippin, Hastiest of All   Shire
1x   6R126   Ancient Roads (AI)   Gondor

The Return of the King

1x   7R33   Citadel to Gate   Gandalf
1x   7R103   Hearts Raised   Gondor
1x   7R211   Ulaire Cantea, Faster Than Winds [T]   Wraith
1x   7R227   Eomer, Skilled Tactician   Rohan
1x   7R236   Herugrim, Sword of the Mark   Rohan
1x   7R284   Mordor Assassin   Sauron
1x   7R321   Merry, Swordthain [T]   Shire

The Siege of Gondor

1x   8R2     Battle in Earnest   Dwarven
2x   8R11   Life of the Eldar   Elven
1x   8R15   Gandalf, Leader of Men [T]   Gandalf
1x   8R25   Shelob, Eater of Light [T]   Gollum
1x   8R67   Between Nazgul and Prey (Foil)   Wraith


1x   9R5     Linnar, Dwarven Lord   Dwarven
1x   9R6     Ring of Accretion   Dwarven
4x   9R8     Ring of Guile   Dwarven
1x   9R9     Ring of Retribution   Dwarven
2x   9R11   Uri, Dwarven Lord   Dwarven
1x   9R19   Narya, Ring of Fire   Elven
1x   9R21   Pippin's Dagger   Elven
1x   9R22   Strands of Elven Hair   Elven
1x   9R25   Sapling of the White Tree   Gondor
2x   9R27   Sent Back   Gandalf
1x   9R+30   Smeagol, Bearer of Great Secrets   Gollum
2x   9R36   Scroll of Isildur   Gondor
2x   9R37   Seeing Stone of Minas Anor   Gondor
3x   9R42   Ring of Asperity   Wraith
1x   9R+43   Ring of Ire   Wraith
2x   9R45   Horn of the Mark   Rohan
3x   9R46   The Red Arrow   Rohan
1x   9R50   Everyone Knows   Shire

Mount Doom

1x   10R6   Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men   Elven
2x   10R6   Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men [T]   Elven
1x   10R9   Elrond, Venerable Lord   Elven
1x   10R9   Elrond, Venerable Lord [T]   Elven
1x   10R25   Aragorn, Elessar Telcontar [T]   Gondor
1x   10R48   Seasoned Leader   Raider
1x   10R68   Gothmog, Lieutenant of Morgul   Sauron


1x   11R10   Grimir, Dwarven Emissary   Dwarven
1x   11R24   Might of the Elf-lords   Elven
1x   11R43   Horribly Strong   Gollum
1x   11R44   Incited   Gollum
1x   11R68   Armored Easterling   Evil Men
4x   11R100   Strange-Looking Men   Evil Men
1x   11R133   Orkish Worker   Orc
1x   11R141   Undisciplined   Orc
1x   11R184   Force of Uruk-Hai   Uruk-hai
2x   11R211   Keening Wail   Wraith
1x   11R217   Shapes Slowly Advancing   Wraith

Black Rider

1x   12R9   Loud and Strong   Dwarven
1x   12R26   Discoveries   Gandalf
1x   12R28   Gandalf's Hat   Gandalf
1x   12R83   The Beckoning Shadow   Orc
1x   12R100   Rallying Orc   Orc
1x   12R111   Coif   Rohan
1x   12R129   Rosie Cotton, Barmaid   Shire
1x   12R156   Uruk-Hai Guard   Uruk-hai
1x   12R157   Uruk-Hai Troop   Uruk-hai
1x   12R175   Ulaire Enquea, Black Threat   Wraith


1x   13R1   Arod, Rohirrim Steed   Dwarven
1x   13R15   Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden Land   Elven
1x   13R40   Shadowfax, Roaring Wind   Gandalf
3x   13R46   Deagol, Fateful Finder   Gollum
1x   13R46   Deagol, Fateful Finder (Foil)   Gollum
1x   13R58   Wild Light of Madness   Gollum
1x   13R63   Brego, Loyal Steed   Gondor
2x   13R108   Forced March   Orc
1x   13R136   Snowmane, Noble Mearas   Rohan
1x   13R169   Uruk Blitz   Uruk-hai
2x   13R86   Desert Wind   Evil Men
1x   13R93   Harmless   Evil Men

Expanded Middle Earth Deluxe Draft Box

3x   14R4   Gildor Inglorion, Of The House of Finrod   Elven
2x   14R5   Brand, King of Dale   Gandalf
2x   14R6   Grimbeorn, Beorning Chieftain   Gandalf
4x   14R7   Duilin, Ranger from Blackroot Vale   Gondor
2x   14R8   Duinhir, Tall Man of Blackroot Vale   Gondor
2x   14R10   Furious Hillman   Evil Men
2x   14R11   Swarming Hillman   Evil Men
4x   14R15   Uruk-Hai Scout   Uruk-hai

Rise of Saruman

1x   17R93   Aragorn, Defender of Rohan   Rohan
1x   17R96   Eowyn, Northwoman   Rohan
1x   17R102   Theoden, Northman, King of Rohan   Rohan

Treachery and Deceit

1x   18R100   Gamling's Horn   Rohan

Age's End

3x   19P33   Lurtz, Resilient Captain   Uruk-hai
2x   19P38   Ulaire Nertea, Dark Horseman   Wraith


1x   2C63   Goblin Reinforcements   Moria
1x   2C117   Town Center   The One Ring
1x   2C119   Hollin   The One Ring
1x   4U335   Uruk Camp   The One Ring
1x   10C52   Under Foot   Raider


1x   17S11   Orophin, Silvan Elf   Elven
1x   17U22   Meneldor, Misty Mountain Eagle   Gandalf
4x   17C47   Primitive Brand   Evil Men
2x   17C50   Stampeding Hillsman   Evil Men
7x   17C53   Stampeding Savage   Evil Men
1x   17C62   Vengeful Savage   Evil Men
1x   17C64   Vengeful Pillager   Evil Men
1x   17C70   Feral Ride   Orc
1x   17C83   Orkish Runner   Orc
2x   17U100   Into The Caves   Rohan
1x   17U101   Soldier of Rohan   Rohan
1x   17U106   Halfling Leaf   Shire
1x   17U107   Merry, In The Bloom of Health   Shire
1x   17U109   Pippin, In The Bloom of Health   Shire
3x   17C113   Deathly Roar   Uruk-hai
1x   17C118   Vile Pit   Uruk-hai
2x   17C131   White Hand Slayer   Uruk-hai
1x   17C134   White Hand Vanquisher   Uruk-hai
1x   18C22   Librarian, Keeper of Ancient Texts   Gandalf
1x   18C49   Faramir's Company   Gondor
4x   18U58   Soldier's Cache   Gondor
4x   18U64   Corsair Scimitar   Evil Men
4x   18U79   Frenzy of Arrows   Orc
3x   18U86   Orkish Archer Troop   Orc
5x   18U108   Golden Perch Ale   Shire
2x   18U123   Tracking the Prize   Uruk-hai
4x   18C129   White Hand Sieger   Uruk-hai


5x   13S62   Boromir, Doomed Heir   Gondor
8x   13S99   Stragglers   Evil Men



1x   1R50   Legolas, Greenleaf   Elven *
1x   1R62   The Splendor of their Banners   Elven
3x   1R83   Servant Of The Secret Fire   Gandalf
3x   1R173   Goblin Armory   Moria
1x   1R183   Goblin Swarms   Moria

2x   3R13   Elrond, Herald to Gil-Galad   Elven
1x   3R34   Narya   Gandalf *

3x   4R61   Company of Archers   Elven

2x   7R44   Moment of Respite   Gandalf
1x   7R79   Anduril, Flame of the West   Gondor *

2x   8R51   Castamir of Umbar   Raider (* x1)
2x   8R57   Corsair Marauder   Raider (* x1)
3x   8R65   Ships of Great Draught   Raider (* x1)

2x   10R8   Cirdan, The Shipwright   Elven
3x   10R38   Corsair Brute   Raider (* x1)
1x   10P122   Sam, Great Elf Warrior Shire *

1x   15R19   Legolas, Of The Woodland Realm   Elven *
2x   15R47   Not This Time Gollum
1x   15R56   Aragorn's Bow, Ranger's Longbow   Gondor

1x   17U10   Namarie   Elven *
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Kralik: "What hath God wrought"
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Trade List- ft. Aragorn, Defender of Rohan
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PM Sent, dude.
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« Reply #2 on: July 19, 2011, 10:08:12 PM »

PM Sent

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Most Likely To Usurp Kralik and Dáin

« Reply #3 on: August 05, 2011, 11:05:04 AM »

Badabump! Biggest want atm is Sam, Great Elf Warrior.

NB- 4 year veteran of CC/TLHH

"It was like:
Kralik: "What hath God wrought"
NB: "I dunno, but I'm in ur house eating ur food.""
-Elessar's Socks

Trade List- ft. Aragorn, Defender of Rohan
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