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 on: Today at 05:52:38 PM 
Started by Deckhunter - Last post by Deckhunter
I never really have too much of a problem cycling, gamling pulls out the possessions, mouth of sauron pulls stuff for the minion side at least once, and I don't mind discarding most of the cards in this deck. It tends to pull maybe three minions a hand and I save the important ones for good combos, it works out pretty well. I have so many companions because I like to play at least three or four as a buffer for more important companions. While the deck could probably be downsized a bit it wouldn't need to be very much.
At the end of a game it isn't uncommon to have 50 or 60 cards out and most of what I need has been in play for a while either pulled or drawn.

 on: Today at 10:19:43 AM 
Started by -Enola- - Last post by -Enola-
- Rise of the Necromancer: I have to think about the [Ringwraith] minion, the text of the card is quite heavy.

- Dark Sorcery: This event must be useful with "exert a Wizard and discard a Gandalf card from hand" it will be too easy to prevent, moreover some Gandalf cards clog the hand when Gandalf is discarded. "Wound a Sauron minion" will make the card playable more than once in the same skirmish.

Btw, you will find here the images of the cards :

 on: February 23, 2017, 10:38:22 PM 
Started by -Enola- - Last post by Durin's Heir
You're welcome my friend! It makes my days brighter!

Sauron Swarm Shadow

- Hidden: Ok, seems fair. And Thráin can justify the lore part, as you say. Thumbs Up Wink

- Rise of the Necromancer: Seems good. I'd like it better if played "an Orc or Wraith minion" from deck Wink. The word "reshuffle" is right but is almost never used alone (without "that/your draw deck"), only Denethor LoMT and Undead of Angmar are worded that loose way.

- Dark Sorcery: How many Gandalf cards will be in hand when you play this? I know, like Too Great and Terrible, but in my experience that card can only be countered well by decks dedicated mostly to Gandalf (or Ents). That simply cannot happen in the Hobbit Game! And is extremely important to counter it, since Malevolent Orc will be retrieving this over and over. "1 Gandalf card + another cost" seems better to me, like "the FP player may exert a Wizard and discard a Gandalf card from hand" to prevent this. Not Wise elves or Elven cards, only Wizards and wizardy. Then the Wizard and White Council packs will be in a better shape against Sauron. The Elrond pack might have 1 or 2 Gandalf cards (or an Elven card to retrieve a Gandalf event).

"Discard a Sauron Orc" makes little sense to me, since that will make the defender win the skirmish automatically (unless swarmed). "Discard Sauron" is even worse! He's the master of black magic, why immolate himself? But "wound a Sauron minion" should be better, that can still be paid by an exhausted Orc, and if not exhausted the Orc's threat will remain in the skirmish. And has a flavor thing too: "you hate that guy 'till the point you hurt yourself only to see him fall"... dark spells full of hatred.

"...but I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.
When I hear that whistle blowing, I hang my head and cry."

1 Dark Sorcery Sauron
Event • Skirmish
Wound a Sauron minion to discard a card (except a Ring) borne by a companion it is skirmishing. The Free Peoples player may exert a Wizard and discard a Gandalf card from hand to prevent this.
"These are dark spells... old and full of hate."

A last thing. Should this cost 2 to prevent playing 2 retrieved copies in a row over and over, without an obstructive cost?

Balin Pack

- Flash-flames: My version can try to counter Sauron after assignment. You can try to kill a vitality 2 or 1 Orc/Nazgul sent to kill a Dwarf / Gandalf, and if fails you'll reduce its strength so he has better chances of beating the odds and survive. That can be paired with other ways of wounding (Kili, Dawn Take You All; my version of the Chariot / your version of the Slingshot) or strength reduction (Take Up Arms, Slingshot / Chariot again). We agree about the Slingshot and the Chariot that one must wound and the other must reduce a minion's strength, that's clear. My proposal for the Flash-flames does both (although randomness decides what course will take) so can be helped by those 2 tools.

If you keep the assignment idea, at least add a limit because makes no sense to knock Smaug down with a single gunpowder bomb (and there's already a lot of direct wounding). Limit +2 will be good I think, then one bomb can reduce Sauron's assignment power to one try. Also, as said before, if your opponent has no hand (easy with Hatred Rekindled), reveal a card at random "from your opponent's hand" will be blocked; to avoid that, change it to "any player's hand."

A last thing: I'd change "Bearer must be Balin" to "To play, spot Balin" and turn this into a support area card, that way you'll need Balin's chemistry skills to mix the bombs, but any companion will have the skill required to toss them.

1 Flash-flames Dwarven
Possession • Support Area
To play, spot Balin.
Assignment: Discard this possession and spot a minion to reveal a random card from any player's hand. Wound that minion X times (limit 2), where X is the twilight cost of the card revealed.
"Where's the sulfur?"

 on: February 23, 2017, 10:32:25 PM 
Started by SGollum - Last post by Durin's Heir
A problem with this card, is that in TTT most Ranger theme cards need to spot or exert "a Ring-bound Man", so it can trigger only with Pathfinder and Perilous Ventures from that block. What a mistake!

 on: February 23, 2017, 09:38:36 PM 
Started by Deckhunter - Last post by Ringbearer
I am a bit off on the size of the deck and your companion count. One in every 12 cards is a companion (not counting doubles)...
The same is with minions. 38 minions in 144 cards is one in four, so an average hand will have just two minions.
I would cut down much more on the side stuff and focus, trimming it down to a decent size. Also, note how much cards there are left after you finish a game.

 on: February 23, 2017, 09:22:20 PM 
Started by SGollum - Last post by Ringbearer
In all fairness for the card, it was made when ARV was everywhere and in a set with RBR and gondor subtheme. So it had a reason.

 on: February 23, 2017, 06:35:29 PM 
Started by flash19732 - Last post by flash19732
back with a bump! Smiley

 on: February 23, 2017, 05:32:47 PM 
Started by SGollum - Last post by Legion
Wrath of Harad does not apply to Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom. That event makes a ranger strength +2, bit does not spot or exert one as part of the cost.
As said above, the are very few cards that it will trigger. ARV and pathfinder are the only even vaguely seen ones.

 on: February 23, 2017, 03:15:29 PM 
Started by SGollum - Last post by Ringbearer
Yes. The card is very clear: the gametext should include spot or exert a ranger. Exambles are: An Able Guide; Pathfinder; A Rangers Versatility

 on: February 23, 2017, 03:45:13 AM 
Started by SGollum - Last post by Air Power
I think the text of event has to explicitly spot or exert a ranger.  For example, a "spot an elf" event that happens to spot ranger Arwen shouldn't trigger it . . . as far as I know

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