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Author Topic: New list, need alot, taking lists to go through.  (Read 471 times)
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« on: April 11, 2019, 04:50:31 AM »

Here is my Have list. My want list is not for playing but for collecting. So I do like foils, but it depends on the picture. Some foils look better than others. I have foils for trade, because I dont need them because of what is pictured. I am open to UC/C foils as R too. I also am looking for character cards mainly, but open to most lists.

My Have list is only Rares and Foils and I do have UC/C cards from the Fellowship, Mines, Two Towers, Shadows and Black Rider:

Fellowship of the Ring

Pippin #307
Questions That Need Answering
The Choice of Luthien
The Twilight World
Wealth of Moria (Played Condition)
Lost to The Goblins

Gandalf (P) #364
Aragorn (P) #365 x4
Rosie Cotton Foil
What Are They? Foil

Mines of Moria
Red Book of Westmarch
Consorting with Wizards
Fearing the Worst
O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
A Promise
Flaming Brand
Shield of Boromir
Release the Angry Flood
Secret Sentinels
The Balrog's Sword
Tower Assassin
Verily I Come
Watcher in the Water
Archer Commander
Huge Tentacle
Final Cry
Cave Trolls Chains
Beneath the Mountains
Make Light of Burdens
What Are We Waiting For?
Uruk Captain
Too Much Attention
Beyond the Height of Men
Lurtz's Sword
The Witch King
Ulaire Nelya
Billl Ferny
Wraith World
Stricken Dumb

Verily I Come Foil
Great Words Begun There Foil
Tiding of Erebor Foil
Town Center (Location) Foil
Disquiet of Our People Foil
Southern Spies Foil

Two Towers

What Did You Discover?
Henneth Annun
No Refuge
Hearken to Me x2
Wounded (Played, slight bend in corner)
Pippin #313 (Played, slight bend in corner)
Merry #311 (Played)
Helm! Helm! (Played)

Battle of Helms Deep
Gollum (Stinker) (Played, little white on edges)

Ents of Fangorn
Gandalf (Mithrandir) (Played, white on right edge and corners)
Ancient Roads
Don't Look At Them
Isengard Mechanics

Faramir (P) x2

Return of the King
Southern Conqueror (played, white corners)
Grimbold (Played)

Seige of Gondor

Hall of Our Fathers

Black Rider
Poisonous Words
A Promise
Uruk-hai Troop
Uruk Zealot
Shadowy Mount
Watch and Wait
Rallying Orc
Cast Out
Gandalfs Hat
Harrying Hillman

Ulaire Atteo (O Foil)
Cave Troll of Moria Foil
Mouth of Sauron (Lt of Barad-dur) Foil

Ages End
In Twilight
Watcher in the Water
Strong Tentacle
Reaching Tentacle
Strength in My Blood
The One Rong, Great Ring
Still Twitching
Thats Two
Army Long Trained
Troll of the Deep
Pit Troll
Brought Down From Inside
Rabbit Stew
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