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Author Topic: Fellowship - Hobbit Allies Deck  (Read 259 times)
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GCCG: mikeissurreal
Formats: Open/Block
Posts: 2

« on: May 30, 2019, 12:51:56 PM »

Ring - Isildur's Bane
Ringbearer - Frodo, Old Bilbo's Heir

Green Hill Country
Blackberry Ferry
Frodo's Bedroom
The Bridge of Khazad-Dum
Valley of the Silverlode
Silverlode Banks
Gates of Argonath
Slopes of Amon Hen

Starting Fellowship
Boromir, Defender of Minas Tirith
Merry, Friend to Sam

Freeps (41):
Pippin, Hobbit of Some Intelligence
Sam, Faithful Companion
Silinde, Elf of Mirkwood
Biblo, Retired Adventurer
Bounder x4
Farmer Maggot, Chase of Rascals
Filbert Bolger
Hobbit Party Guest x4
Hobbit Farmer x4
Master Proudfoot
Meilot Brandybuck
Old Noakes
Rosie Cotton
The Gaffer
Athelas x3
Horn of Boromir x3
Bill the Pony
Thror's Map
No Stranger to the Shadow's
The Saga of Elendil
A Talent for Not Being Seen x2
Consorting with Wizards
Three Monstrous Trolls x2

Shadow (41):
Lurtz, SoI
Orthan Berserker
Saruman, KOI x3
Troop of Uruk-hai x3
Uruk Captain x4
Uruk Fighter x4
Uruk Lieutenant x4
Uruk Raider x4
Uruk Ravager x4
Bred for Battle x2
Saruman's Power x2
Savagery to Match their Numbers x4
Saruman's Ambition x4
Tower of Orthanc

Strategy -
Bid 1 or 0 to go second.  This fellowship is weakest against Nazgul and if you are forced to go first with the Nazgul friendly sites you could be in a world of trouble.  If I'm forced to go first, I always single step to 2 and 3.  If I go second, depending on hand set up I double move to 3.

Your freeps will cycle like crazy giving you plenty of hobbits to sacrifice with horn.  If not going against uruk hai, use bounder to save your allies (15 strength to overwhelm).  Use frodo to heal bounder or Bilbo at the start of each turn.  Party guests will heal everyone else! 

Shadow - just straight up uruk beatdown.  It accounts for everything extremely well - sometimes has trouble with Last Alliance decks depending upon draw - power's quickly negate that. 

One of the most fun decks I've ever built and completely original!  Has over a 60% win percentage on GEMP.


Phallen Cassidy
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Gemp: Phallen
Formats: Towers Standard, King Standard
Posts: 221

« Reply #1 on: May 30, 2019, 10:23:00 PM »

Nice deck! How are you getting consistent cycling, though? In an 80 card deck, finding Silinde or Master Proudfoot early enough sounds tricky. Still, it looks fun. I think I'll give it a try myself. Are most of your victories Shadow victories? That seems to be the big advantage, choke and cycle so you can play what you want against an unprepared Free Peoples.

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GCCG: mikeissurreal
Formats: Open/Block
Posts: 2

« Reply #2 on: May 31, 2019, 12:16:49 AM »

Hey Phallen -

Absolutely.  The site 3 is huge for getting set up - if you haven't been able to draw a horn yet, you will almost assuredly grab one then.

The shadow side wins for this deck 95% of the time.
Global Mod
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Gemp: chet_manly
Formats: King Standard (1-7)
Posts: 1973

« Reply #3 on: June 07, 2019, 02:29:52 PM »

The reason you are having so much trouble with Nazgul at sites 2 and 3 is that there are no copies of Hobbit Intuition and Hobbit Stealth! Even with Boromir's Horn doing the heavy lifting for your squad, I think you should consider having a few copies of those in the deck.

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