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Author Topic: Elvents / Uruk Berserkers  (Read 2817 times)
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Phallen Cassidy
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Gemp: Phallen
Formats: King Standard
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« on: September 25, 2019, 04:59:30 PM »

Pretty simple KS deck I play from time to time. It cycles well, but could probably use some trimming.

Ring-bearer: Frodo, Courteous Halfling
Ring: The One Ring, Such a Weight to Carry

Adventure deck:
Rohirrim Road
King's Tent
Hall of the Kings
Anduin Banks
Pelennor Flat
Minas Tirith Seventh Circle
Pelennor Grassland
Northern Ithilien
Haunted Pass

Free Peoples Draw Deck: (44)
1x Arwen, Fair Elf Maiden (Starting)
1x Legolas, Elven Comrade (Starting)
3x Elrond, Elven Lord
1x Naith Warband
2x Pengedhel, Naith Warrior
1x Taurnil, Sharp-eyed Bowman
1x Sam, Son of Hamfast

1x Asfaloth
3x Banner of Elbereth
3x Bow of the Galadhrim, Gift of Galadriel
2x Gwemegil
1x Lembas
2x Naith Longbow
1x Sting, Baggins Heirloom

1x Ancient Enmity
3x Company of Archers
2x Defiance
1x Feathered
2x Still Needed
3x Supporting Fire
3x Sword-wall
1x That Is No Orc Horn
1x Valor

2x Hope Comes
1x Hosts of the Last Alliance
1x Shadow Between

Shadow Draw Deck: (44)
4x Berserk Butcher
3x Berserk Rager
3x Berserk Savage
3x Berserk Slayer
2x Lurtz, Servant of Isengard
1x Saruman, Servant of the Eye
1x Troop of Uruk-hai
1x Uruk Guard
2x Uruk-hai Berserker

3x Abandoning Reason for Madness
1x Beyond the Height of Men
2x Bred for Battle
3x Hunt Them Down!
2x Lurtz's Battle Cry

1x Greed
4x Saruman's Ambition
3x Scaling Ladder
3x Siege Engine
1x Spies of Saruman
1x Uruk-hai Rampage

For the Free Peoples, the goal is to get Bow of the Galadhrim on Legolas and turn a bad fighter to a fairly good fighter. Exert him to make the minion he's skirmishing -1, play an event to buff him and heal him, then repeat. Doing Legolas' skirmish last means you can also use his ability for other companions' skirmishes. Basically every other companion is still better suited to win skirmishes, but it's the thought that counts. This means that some of those companions are redundant and could be swapped out for utility, but I wouldn't know what. Balglin looks kind of cool? Taurnil is just there to slow Easterling Captain's roll. Lembas hopefully makes double moves possible, and there are about a dozen skirmish events to play. There are plenty of places to make cuts, but it also draws pretty well. First impressions?

The Shadow side is still trying out some things (I don't think I've played a game with Uruk-hai Rampage or Beyond the Height of Men yet), but it's pretty simple: make some big strong fellas fierce and whack the good guys. Saruman's Ambition is a skirmish pump of absolute last resort since Hunt Them Down! is hard to afford otherwise. Usually I can only play one or two minions so the distribution is extremely lopsided, less than half of the cards are minions. This gives plenty of opportunity for bad draws, but too many minions and there's hand clog. Again, there are some easy cards to remove here but I'm interested to see if anyone has any thoughts.
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Gemp: chet_manly
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« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2019, 05:13:24 PM »

Not sure why you'd focus in on Legolas as the main fighter without a copy of Long-Knives of Legolas. Also, why three Gwemegil when you could stack up your other companions with Elven Swords?

Is Sword-Wall your best way of putting away minions? There isn't a lot of archery support and Elves have little in terms of damage bonuses...I feel like this would not be so far from the Naith decks of Towers block which struggle to double move. Particularly since Sword-Wall costs (2).

I'll have to think about this one some more...I can't say that I've played against it, have I?
Phallen Cassidy
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Gemp: Phallen
Formats: King Standard
Posts: 340

« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2019, 11:56:57 PM »

I think you had, in some form or another. The current hand weapon of choice is Banner of Elbereth for mad card drawing, but that may be misplaced. Gwemegil allows me to discard Shadow cards which won't be immediately helpful and help curb bad hands a bit. I think Sword-Wall and That Is No Orc Horn makes me Besieger-proof... I can only imagine that was an issue for me when I made the deck, haha. Doubling is definitely not what this deck wants to do: you'd need to get to the regroup phase with at most 2-3 minions (depending on how many card the opponent draws) on the table and enough events in hand to survive the next site. Possible, but it's best for a 7-9 thing... Or 5-7 with the favorable site 6. I think the deck started as a way to prove that Naith fighters are worthwhile, but the pivot to Legolas and Elvents blurs that a bit. Perhaps Erethon should replace John Travolta -- I've always discounted him because he only gets +1 strength. Or I may want to break them out to two separate decks down the line. We'll see.

After playing a couple of games, the card drawing seems to help set up good hands for the Shadow. And between the discarding and drawing effects, getting through the deck can be pretty trivial if you are a veteran card-miller such as myself. The Shadow side discourages doubles when there's anything to play, but if the hand is dry maybe the threat of playing big minions can do some work, too? Just lean into the bluff. Otherwise, the minions are hard to get rid of fighting and there's plenty of support to help with direct wounding.

I'm gonna give it a few more games as-is, but I'm starting to think maybe the deck shouldn't be cut down after all. Just refine it a bit, swap out some decent cards for good cards, and it could be a real powerhouse. I say all of this, but if the Free Peoples becomes too strong I'm just going to be bitter at how Decipher gave so much stuff to Elves.
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