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Author Topic: Barrow Wights Really Work! (Shadow Only)  (Read 2712 times)
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Why me? No, seriously. WHY ME?!?

« on: July 05, 2008, 06:48:49 PM »

Shadow (39)

Minions (23)
4x *Barrow-Wight Stalker (16R1)
2x *Covetous Wisp (16R3)
4x *Spirit of Dread (16R5)
2x *The Witch-king, Captain of the Nine Riders (11R226)
3x *Ulaire Lemenya, Thrall of the One (10U69)
4x *Undead of Angmar (16R6)
2x Candle Corpses (16R2)
2x Dead Faces (16R4)

Conditions (7)
2x Black Marshal (10U53)
2x In Twilight (19P34)
3x Sense of Obligation (12U170)

Events (7)
3x Between Nazgul and Prey (8R67)
4x Houses of Lamentation (10C61)

Artifacts (2)

2x *Ithil Stone (9R+47)

Deck Notes:

Alright, I confess.
I stole this deck idea off the old Decipher archives the other day.
But I changed some little bits and pieces in it, and I really like the results.

The goal of this Shadow is pretty simple: play big enduring minions for relatively cheap, with pesky little minions to take pokes at the fellowship though other means.

Basically, the Barrow-Wights are big, and two of them play other minions. Cheap is good, and the Barrow-Wight Stalker is very handy, especially if you can play the Undead of Angmar with him, then use the Undead to play a Spirit of Dread, then use the Stalker and toil him and the Spirit to play the Witch-King, CotNR for two. Or free, if you have a cost 2 'swamp wraith' out free with the Stalker. That's four big minions (and maybe a small one) for 16 twilight. The Spirit can make himself and others bigger, as well. Also fun, the Barrow-Wights aren't roaming at site 2.

The Nazgul are there to exert/wound your Wights and swamp wraiths, and just to be more minions.

The three swamp wraiths harass the opponent's Fellowship by adding burdens and wounds (plus, the burdens mean more can be played cheap later) and discarding important conditions.

The Ithil Stone and In Twilight are pretty self-explanatory, as is Sense of Obligation. Note that Sense of Obligation only requires a Wraith minion, not a Nazgul. Houses of Lamentation is a nice strength pump, and finishes off the deck.

It's certainly not the best deck out there, but it's sure fun to play, and seems to work pretty well. Four copies of each of the Barrow Wights doesn't seem to be a problem, especially since it's so large (39 cards). Usually, at least one of them can be played at a site, and sometimes more, given their cheerful cheapness with the Stalker.

I tried the deck out against a rather well-known opponent, and got a very lucky win with it at site 3, but that particular matchup probably isn't representative of the deck's abilities. Gandalf, BoO's burden-adding fetish is this Shadow's dream come true.

Anywho, there's the deck. Suggestions are welcome. Praise, flattery, and other commentary extolling my brilliant deckbuilding skills are also welcome.  Tongue

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Let the armies of Mordor know this....

« Reply #1 on: July 06, 2008, 09:07:55 AM »

I'll give you the praise and flattery. I never thought You could use Barrow Wight's in a deck.   AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!

"Never Again, will the land of my people, fall into enemy hands! For Gondor! For Gondor! For Gondor!
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Most Likely To Usurp Kralik and Dáin

« Reply #2 on: July 06, 2008, 03:46:55 PM »

Nice. BNaP is a little too much exerting for your 2 vitality guys. I'd drop it. Maybe Enquea, TotO?

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Posts: 959

Why me? No, seriously. WHY ME?!?

« Reply #3 on: July 06, 2008, 08:19:09 PM »

Actually, on the BNaP, I've been thinking about dropping to just 2 -- is really nice with the Stalker -- and adding another In Twilight.

Forget it. I'm not arguing with the computer anymore to try to get the sig I want....

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