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Author Topic: Realms of Middle-earth: Regroup Phase at Site 4 (The Wold)  (Read 27855 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 16, 2009, 11:12:37 AM »

((whats funny is between CC and this Tuilin came with gandalf, and with haldir Wink))

Tuilin wiped his sword blade on the grass before sheathing it.  that wasn't much of a battle...more of a massacre.  After the deep though, that is welcome. his mind flashed back to his memories, the fallen elves, the charge into the uruks...the feeling of flesh cleaving before his blade.  He shook his head, trying to clear away the mental debris.

Rumil walked up to him "Were you at Helm's Deep?"
"Yes" Tuilin replied.  " I came with Gandalf near the end."
"Did anyone in the Elven contingent survive?"
"No." Tuilin replied.  "I'm sorry."
"I had heard so...but thought that maybe"
Tuilin was silent.  There was nothing more to say.

2 •Memories of Battle Elven
Condition • Support Area
To play, spot an elf.
Each time an Elf wins a skirmish, you may add an Elven token here.
Skirmish : Remove a token from this condition to make a minion skirmishing an elf strength -1. (limit -2)

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« Reply #31 on: January 19, 2009, 04:09:07 PM »

The blade swung twice in rapid succession. Two orcs fell headless. Duinihir had gone on alone in pursuit of the orcs while his comrades regrouped.

Sword still out, Duinihir turned back from the pursuit. Dusk had fallen, and his comrades had set up camp. By the time he worked his way back towards the camp, night had fallen. As Duinihir entered the camp, a cry went up and an arrow whizzed at him.

ZING! The arrow bounced off Duinihir's sword at an angle, sending it straight up into the air for a few feet. As the arrow turned back towards the ground for the descent, Duinihir swung his sword in a wide arc and batted the arrow back towards Tuilin. The elf smiled and caught the arrow in mid-air, returning it to his quiver.

"Thought you might want to save it for another victim," Duinihir said with a wink. Tuilin laughed. "Show-off. Next time you don't want to get shot, try not to enter camp flashing your sword around."

"And sheath a dirty sword in my scabbard? Of course not!" The elf shook his head and turned back to his own business. Duinihir sat, cleaned and polish his sword, and then turned towards his journal.

The leather-bound book came out, and Duinihir began journaling the events of the day. The scratch of the pen on paper in the soft glow of the fire comforted him after a long day of battle.

The last few strokes finished his chronicle, the book snapped shut and Duinihir rose to join the rest of the group.

2 *Leather-Bound Journal Gondor
Bearer must be Duinihir.
At the end of each turn that Duinihir won a skirmish, you may heal a companion.
"The scratch of the pen on paper in the soft glow of the fire comforted him..."
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« Reply #32 on: January 21, 2009, 07:29:08 PM »

Silvarin had never dismounted his horse during the battle, and he didn't now. Like Rorin, he was eager to continue - Mirkwood was drawing him back in a way he couldn't quite explain. He didn't want to have anything to do with the Elves of Lorien, however - he was uncomfortable enough around his own prince when they met in Rohan.

He couldn't help but admire the Ents, however. The elves sang songs about the tree-shepherds for ages past. Their race was as long-lived as the elves themselves, and Silvarin considered them quite wise and powerful. He spurred his horse forward to speak to Treebeard - the apparent leader, such as he was, of the ents, and one that Silvarin recognized.

"Namárië, Fangorn," Silvarin said as he nodded up to him. "To meet one of your reputation here is quite an honor."

"Young master Elf," Treebeard rumbled, "it has been many a year since I have seen... a sorcerer such as you among the elves."

Silvarin nodded. "There are few left who remember this art. It has been all but lost since the mighty trees of Mirkwood fell. But hopefully my comrades and I can purify it again."

"But... do not be hasty, young master Elf. I can see it... in your eyes. Save a moment..." Treebeard paused and turned to the battlefield, "...to remember the fallen. Hummm, yes." With that, Treebeard turned and walked away. Silvarin sighed deeply and wrapped his cloak around his shoulders. "I always am, Fangorn. Always."

1 Mirkwood Heavy Cloak Elven
Possession • Cloak
Resistance: +1
Bearer must be an Elf. The minion archery total is -1.
Regroup: Discard this possession to discard a condition borne by a companion.
The elves of Mirkwood wove their cloaks with enchantments to ward off the Enemy's thralls.

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