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Author Topic: How many orcs does it take to bring down a web  (Read 2778 times)
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The ShizKnight

« on: December 07, 2011, 10:44:56 PM »

I was recently looking for a shadow to pair with a free people side that I made. I needed something that could dump cards and still provide a little scare so this id what I came up with. Granted not yet tested, but seems ok in theory.

Shadow (35):

Minions (28):

4x Shelob, Eater of Light
2x Isengard Marauder
2x Orkish Lackey
4x Scurrying Goblin
4x Skulking Goblin
3x Watchful Orc
3x Black Gate Sentry
2x Chamber Patrol
4x Gothmog, Morgul Leader

Possessions (7):

4x Web
3x Larder


As you guessed play shelob get a web or larder. Use Larder to dump all the orcs for tokens and make Shelob stronger later. As I was coming up with this deck I was wondering how can you get the most out of Web's bonus by stacking and at the same time discard the orcs from hand to get those tokens as well. I saw Gothmog and that was the answer. I run Anduin River to counter gothmog's text against you so if he is the only minion in play he doesn't just kill himself. What you do is play Anduin River then you can just play Gothmog and save your twilight. Hope he survives til regroup phase then you can toss the orcs from hand (to cycle and get tokens on Larder) use Gothmog's Text to play a Watchful Orc (to replace the site with an underground site) or a skulking Goblin whichever you have the twilight for (i'd prefer Watchful so you can get Anduin River back for later). Next play your Scurrying Goblins to get some twilight back and get as many orcs back into play as possible. Now you got your tokens from clearing your hand of shadow minions and now you can stack them all on web for that bonus Thumbs Up. I know Lackey can't use his ability in this deck, but he is the only other 1 cost Orc minion aside from Scurrying Goblin that can be grabbed with Gothmog and cheap is more important here than a power minion since you won't be fighting with them and just wanna get them into your discard pile. Isengard Marauder is just a way to dump 3 cards you don't need to have a decent minion to get to the regroup phase for web. Black Gate Sentry is just to annoy and maybe finish off a minion the gothmog has put holes in with his arrows. Chamber Patrol is here as a way to change a site to underground in region 2 and give a little extra strength in region 3 to help things survive that you play.

As mentioned I just wanted a deck to help cycle and provide a hint of doubt to my opponent and trying to outrun me to site 9. Here is the fellowship that I was wanting a shadow like this for. It can jump the move limit up and I just needed something to help set it up by emptying my hand of cards for a better chance to draw for it and also prevent the opponent from running along with me Thumbs Up.

Let me know what you think and if there is anything that would fit better than what I may have here.


If a Balrog falls from a bridge and noone is around, does it make a sound?
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« Reply #1 on: December 17, 2011, 06:45:11 AM »

This kind of deck was my favorite to play back in the day (back in Shadows block), and I think you absolutely need to play some kind of Gollum, and Final Strike, because you don't want to get owned by IB (you pretty much auto lose to it, even without Madril, also notice that FS protects itself to some extent from Namarie), and it also helps you to protect your minions from other unwanted effects (plus Gollum is great to counter Ranger's Longbow). I also played a copy of Her Ladyship in the place of an Eater of Light, it actually grants some swarming potential (Gothmog was not printed at that time, but I guess that 3 wounds would even come in handy with HL). You may also want to consider Morgul Ambusher, the new orcs also have some way to abuse threats.

Saruman, Servant of Sauron, Promise Keeping and a copy of Spider Poison are also nice if you go the beatdown way.

My problem with this was that my deck always ended up huge, like 40/40... This deck was the only reason I ever experimented with some horn filterish strategies.

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