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Author Topic: Selling my collection (including Hunters, RoS, TD, many foils)  (Read 4036 times)
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« on: March 31, 2013, 03:41:33 PM »

Hi guys,

I'm selling my entire collection. Sad to see it go, but the time has come.

About the cards
This is a great opportunity to complete your LOTR decks (or actually buy whole ones) such as: Gollum, Gandalf Men, Elves, Warg Riders, Orcs, Evil Men Archers, Forest Nazguls, Morgul Orcs (Morcs), Mono Smeagol and others as many key cards are available in 4 copies.

Apart from cards from latest expansions, you will find many valuable foil cards from previous blocks (e.g. 4x Saved From the Fire FOIL, 4x Between Nazgul and Prey FOIL, 3x Promise Keeping FOIL, 3x Gondor Bowmen FOIL, 3x A Promise FOIL etc.) as well as many other gems (e.g. Corsairs foil deck, Dunland [almost] entire foil deck). I have many other rares (and foil cards) from 1-10 expansions, but it would take too much time to list all of them here. Just ask if you are looking for something (please note however that the most valuable rares and foils are listed – please don't ask me if I have e.g. Goblin Armory FOIL. If I did, I would list it below Smiley).

The quality of cards varies – some of them were played. Just ask if you need more details. I'm happy to send photos of every card.

About the transaction rules
I may not be the most active user on the forum (Wink) but I have some very old references (not sure if they can be still verified though, as in my last post in 2009 I'm already marked as a "guest" (http://lotrtcgwiki.com/forums/index.php/topic,2661.0.html). It looks like that account expired somehow.

Anyway I'm registered user on ebay since 2008 (100% positive feedbacks both as a seller and buyer – for those who are interested I can provide my login). For that reason I have no problems to list the cards on ebay to complete the deal (however please be prepared to cover the ebay selling fees in that case).

I accept only PayPal as a form of payment. Cards will be sent as soon as I receive the payment.

As for the prices of the cards – just send me PM with your offer. Please note however that while evaluating the offers I refer mainly to ebay prices (of course these prices may be negotiated to the reasonable extent). My point is that just don't try to make me sell e.g. Saruman, Servant of Sauron for USD 5 :-) I prefer to sell cards in bigger lots, however every offer will be considered.

I'm based in EU (Poland).


0P11 Saruman, Servant of the Eye German (still atached to the brochure – it is quite uncommon I guess)
0P11 Saruman, Servant of the Eye French (still atached to the brochure – it is quite uncommon I guess)
0P11 Saruman, Servant of the Eye Italian (still atached to the brochure – it is quite uncommon I guess)
0P22 Fell Beast FOIL   
0P24 Legolas, Elven Stalwart 4x
0P26 Gandalf, Defender of The West   
0P28 Arwen, Fair Elf Maiden   
0D4 Neekerbreekers' Bog FOIL 2x
0D6 Elendil, High King of Gondor FOIL
DGMA Tournament Schedule 2004 (dead pile/threat placement) 2x – I think it is quite unique version. It includes slightly different info on tournaments and dates comparing to more popular version which can be found e.g. here: https://www.ebay.com/itm/LOTR-TCG-2004-DGMA-Tournament-Schedule-Card-MINT/113707522049?hash=item1a797f1801:g:llYAAOSw3YNXcLYm (also the tokens in the background of the image are vivid orange, not faded as in the more popular version of this card).

Corsairs Foil Deck (selling only as a lot)
8R51 Castamir of Umbar FOIL 4x
8R57 Corsair Marauder FOIL 4x
8R49 Black Numenorean FOIL 3x
8C58 Corsair Plunderer FOIL 4x
10C37 Corsair Boatswain FOIL 2x
8R65 Ships of Great Draught FOIL 2x
8C50 Black Sails of Umbar FOIL 3x
8U59 Corsair War Galley FOIL 3x
8C66 Wind That Sped Ships FOIL 4x
7C156 Raider Halberd FOIL 4x
7U157 Red Wrath FOIL 2x
10R46 Quelled FOIL

Dunland (almost) entire Foil Deck (selling only as a lot)   
4R22 Hillman Horde FOIL 2x
6C2 Dunlending Elder FOIL 4x
4C25 Hillman Tribe FOIL 4x
9R+2 Freca Hungry Savage FOIL 2x
4R19 Hides 4x
4R33 Saruman Rabble-Rouser
4R20 Hill Chief FOIL
6R6  Hill Clan FOIL
4U36 War Club FOIL 3x
4C5 Burn Every Village FOIL 4x
4U31 Over The Isen FOIL 2x
6R7 Ready to Fall FOIL 2x
4R30 No Retreat FOIL
4R6 Constantly Threatening FOIL
6U8 Too Long Have These Peasants Stood FOIL
6C1 Bound by Rage FOIL
4C37 War Cry of Dunland FOIL
The Hunters Complete Common Set 60 cards 2x
The Hunters (almost) Complete Common Set 59 cards (15C62 Ithilien Blade is missing)

The Rise of Saruman Complete Common Set 5x
The Rise of Saruman (almost) Complete Common Set 39 cards (17C92 Vicious Warg is missing)

Treachery and Deceit Complete Common Set 5x

Mount Doom (almost) complete Foil set – 5 cards are missing:
10U4 Aegnor, Elven Escort
10R6 Arwen, Queen of Elves and Men
10R11 Galadriel, Lady Redeemed
10R18 Treebeard, Keeper of the Watchwood
10R21 Gollum, Mad Thing


1R38 Double Shot 6x   
1R38 Double Shot Polish 4x   
1R114 The Saga of Elendil FOIL
1C187 Host of Thousands FOIL
1C196 They Are Coming FOIL
1R217 Morgul Gates 5x
1R250 Hate 3x


2R32 Flaming Brand FOIL   
2R112 A Promise FOIL 3x
2P122 Gandalf, the Grey Pilgrim FOIL

3R40 Citadel of Minas Tirith FOIL 2x
3R41 Gondor Bowmen FOIL 3x
3R44 The Shards of Narsil FOIL   

4R1 The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles 2x
4R19 Hides 4x
4R33 Saruman, Rabble-Rouser 2x
4U62 Elven Bow 5x
4R111 Boromir, My Brother 2x
4R118 Faramir's Bow 2x
4U123 Hard Choice 5x
4C137 Attack On Helm's Deep 4x
4U148 Down To The Last Child 2x
4R154 Grima, Wormtongue FOIL   
4U159 Many Riddles 4x
4R160 Mauhur, Patrol Leader   
4R176 Ugluk, Servant of Saruman   
4U182 Uruk Crossbow Troop 2x
4R219 Desert Lord   
4R225 Easterling Captain 2x
4U232 Elite Archer FOIL   
4U232 Elite Archer    
4R247 Southron Bow FOIL   
4R289 Simbelmyne 2x
4R289 Simbelmyne Tengwar    
4R300 Escape 4x
4U309 Light Shining Faintly 2x
4U312 Mind Your Own Affairs 3x


5C30 We Must Have It 5x
5R31 Alcarin, Warrior of Lamedon FOIL   

6R39 Don't Look At Them FOIL   
6R50 Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples FOIL   
6R55 Ring of Barahir FOIL   

7R2 The One Ring, Such A Weight To Carry    
7U19 Careful Study FOIL     
7R28 Shadow Between   
7R50 Terrible and Evil 3x
7C53 Captured by The Ring 4x
7U54 Clever Hobbits FOIL   
7U54 Clever Hobbits 4x
7R57 Fat One Wants It 4x   
7U64 Nasty 3x
7U64 Nasty FOIL     
7R67 Plotting     
7R69 Secret Paths FOIL   
7R74 So Polite FOIL   
7R74 So Polite 3x
7U78 Where Shall We Go FOIL 4x
7R79 Anduril, Flame of The West 2x
7R112 Noble Leaders   2x
7R129 Bold Men and Grim FOIL
7R143 Easterling Footman 4x
7R143 Easterling Footman FOIL 2x
7R188 Morgul Brute 4x
7U190 Morgul Destroyer 4x
7U202 Morgul Whelp 4x
7R204 Out of Sight and Shot 3x
7R213 Ulaire Lemenya, Assailing Minion 3x
7R236 Herugrim Sword of the Mark FOIL
7C265 Besieging Pike 5x
7R267 Din of Arms 4x
7R274 Gorgoroth Officer 4x
7R279 Gorgoroth Troop 3x
7U281 Great Siege Towers 3x
7U294 Orc Archer Troop 2x
7R316 Troop Tower 5x
7R321 Merry, Swordthain 2x
7R324 Pippin, Wearer of Black and Silver
8R3 Blood Runs Chill    
8R3 Blood Runs Chill FOIL 2x
8R15 Gandalf, Leader of Men    
8R15 Gandalf, Leader of Men FOIL 2x
8R20 Saved From the Fire FOIL 4x
8R20 Saved From the Fire   
8R24 Promise Keeping FOIL 3x
8R24 Promise Keeping 4x
8R25 Shelob, Eater of Light FOIL
8U29 Still Far Ahead FOIL 4x
8U29 Still Far Ahead 3x
8R37 Imrahil, Prince of Dol Amroth FOIL   
8R67 Between Nazgul and Prey FOIL 4x
8R81 Ulaire Otsea, Thrall of The One FOIL
8R84 The Witch-King, Black Captain FOIL


9R+12 Aiglos FOIL
9R+26 Radagast, The Brown FOIL   
9R+28 Gollum, Dark As Darkness FOIL   
9R+29 Slippery As Fishes FOIL 4x
9R+33 Isildur, Bearer of Heirlooms FOIL   
9R+34 Narsil, Blade of the Faithful FOIL   

10R23 Shelob, Her Ladyship 4x
10R68 Ulaire Enquea, Thrall of The One 3x


11R17 Elven Marksmanship 4x
11U25 Nocked 3x
11S32 G For Grand 3x
11S33 Gandalf, Leader of the Company   
11U41 Frenzied Attack 2x
11U45 Led Astray 4x
11S65 Ranger of Westernesse    
11U58 Bow of Minas Tirith 5x
11R78 Elevated Fire 4x
11C94 Pavise 5x
11R96 Precision Targeting 4x
11R123 Goblin Hordes 4x
11U156 Rohirrim Mount 4x
11S174 Sworn Companion 4x
11U212 Lost in The Woods 4x
11S213 Moving This Way 3x
11S222 Ulaire Nelya, Third of The Nine Riders 4x
11R226 The Witch-King, Captain of The Nine Riders 2x
11RF4 Glamdring, Foe Hammer FOIL

12U2 Belt of Erebor 2x
12R10 No Pauses No Spills 4x
12R17 Elrond, Witness to History   
12C32 Salve 2x
12R35 Watch and Wait    
12U39 Not Alone 4x
12C40 There's Another Way 4x
12U41 Treacherous Little Toad 3x
12U49 Gondorian Steed 4x
12R74 Mumak Rider 5x
12C96 Orc Spear 3x
12R101 Retribution 2x
12C122 Home and Hearth 4x
12S125 Measure of Comfort 2x
12U161 Black Rider 4x
12R162 Dark Approach 4x
12R183 The Witch-King, Black Lord 2x
12RF14 Dark Approach FOIL 3x
12O1 Gandalf, The White Rider Masterwork FOIL


13U28 Alatar, Final Envoy   
13U31 The Flame of Anor 3x
13R38 Radagast, Tender of Beasts   
13R44 Chasm's Edge 4x
13U52 Little Snuffler 4x
13U53 Naked Waste 4x
13C54 Out of All Knowledge 4x
13R86 Desert Wind 2x
13U94 Howdah 4x
13R101 Voice of The Desert, Southron Troop 2x
13R137 Theoden, The Renowned 2x
13R182 Ulaire Enquea, Sixth of The Nine Riders
13RF1 Celeborn, The Wise FOIL   
13RF5 Pallando, Far Travelling One FOIL   
13RF7 Aragorn, Isildur's Heir FOIL   
13O4 Gandalf, Bearer of Obligation Masterwork FOIL (the card is heavily damaged – just as Gandalf after duel with Balrog ;-))

14R1 Dain Ironfoot, King Under The Mountain   
14R2 Elladan, Son of Elrond 2x
14R3 Elrohir, Son of Elrond   
14R5 Brand, King of Dale   
14R6 Grimbeorn, Beorning Chieftain 2x
14R9 Halbarad, Ranger of The North   
14R13 Horror of Harad   

15R1 The One Ring, The Ring of Doom   
15U3 Chamber of Records 2x
15U4 The Fortunes of Balin's Folk 2x
15C5 Gimli, Eager Hunter 2x
15R6 Gloin, Son of Groin   
15U7 Heavy Axe   
15C8 Sturdy Stock   
15C10 Whatever End 4x
15R11 Arwen, She Elf   
15U16 Gift of the Evenstar, Blessed Light 2x
15R22 The Mirror of Galadriel, Dangerous Guide
15U26 Uruviel, Woodland Maid 2x
15U27 Be Gone!   
15R29 Gandalf, Powerful Guide 2x
15U31 Mellon! 2x
15U32 Momentous Gathering 3x
15R34 Quickbeam, Hastiest of All Ents   
15U35 Shadow of the Wood 3x
15U37 Skinbark, Elder Ent 2x
15R38 Treebeard, Enraged Shepherd   
15U39 Called to Mordor 2x
15R40 Connected by Fate   
15U41 Controlled by the Ring   
15U44 Herbs and Stewed Rabbit 4x
15C45 Hurry Hobbitses   
15C46 Nice Fish 4x
15R47 Not This Time! 5x
15C48 Release Them 4x
15U50 Something Slimy   
15U51 Sudden Strike 4x
15U52 Swear by the Precious 3x
15R53 Unseen Foe 4x
15S54 Aragorn, Swift Hunter   
15R55 Aragorn, Thorongil 3x
15R56 Aragorn's Bow, Ranger's Longbow 4x
15R58 Decorated Barricade   
15C59 Dunedain of the South   
15C60D 15C60E 15C60G Forth The Three Hunters! (Three Versions)
15U61 Gondorian Prowler   
15U63 Mablung, Ranger of Ithilien 3x
15C65 No Quicker Path 2x
15U67 Portico   
15C68 Ranger's Cloak   4x
15C69 Silent Traveler 2x
15C75 Courageous Easterling   
15C77 Easterling Scout   
15U79 Enraged Herdsman   
15C80 Great Axe   
15U81 Grieving the Fallen 4x
15C82 Grousing Hillman 2x
15U85 Lying Counsel   
15R86 Mumak Commander, Giant Among the Swertings 5x
15U89 Rapid Reload 2x
15U90 Rapt Hillman 3x
15U92 Savage Southron 2x
15C93 Swarthy Hillman   
15S95 Battlefield Recruit   
15S96 Battlefield Veteran   
15U98 Black Gate Sentry 4x
15R99 Black Land Chieftain   
15C103 Black Land Runner   
15U106 Coordinated Effort 3x
15C107 Desolation Orc 2x
15C110 Isengard Marauder 3x
15R112 Mountain Troll 3x
15U113 Orkish Camp   
15U114 Orkish Hunting Spear 2x
15U115 Pummeling Blow   
15U118 Unmistakable Omen   
15C120 Veteran War Chief 2x
15C121 Brilliant Light 2x
15R122 Burial Mounds   
15R124 Eomer's Spear, Trusty Weapon   
15C125 Eowyn, Willing Fighter   
15S126 Gamling, The Old   
15C127 Grim Trophy 4x
15U128 Haleth, Son of Hama 2x
15U129 Horse of Great Stature 3x
15C131 Our Inspiration 3x
15U134 Rohan Stable Master   
15U137 Rohirrim Doorwarden   2x
15U139 Rohirrim Warrior   
15R141 Sturdy Shield   
15U142 Swift Stroke   
15C144 Frodo, Weary From the Journey 4x
15C145 Hobbit Sword   2x
15R148 Little Golden Flower   
15C149 Merry, the Tall One 2x
15C150 No Visitors 2x
15C151 Pippin, the Short One 2x
15R154 Second Breakfast   
15C157 Chasing Uruk   2x
15C158 Covetous Uruk 4x
15U159 Defensive Rush   
15U160 Following Uruk 4x
15C161 Hunting Uruk 3x
15U168 Searching Uruk 3x
15C169 Seeking Uruk 2x
15U175 Uruk Infantry   
15U177 Uruk Village Rager   
15C178 Uruk Village Stormer 2x
15C179 Violent Hurl 2x
15U181 Later Than You Think 4x
15R182 A Shadow Fell Over Them   
15U183 They Feel the Precious 3x
15R185 Ulaire Lemenya, Eternally Threatening   
15U187 Anduin River   3x
15U190 East Wall of Rohan   
15U192 Isengard Ruined 3x
15R193 Mount Doom 2x
15RF9 Aragorn, Thorongil FOIL   
15RF13 Eomer, Horsemaster FOIL   

16R3 Covetous Wisp FOIL   
16R6 Undead of Angmar FOIL   

17U1 Armor of Khazad 2x
17U3 Dwarven Stratagem 2x
17U5 Axe Work   
17S7 Elven Guardian 2x
17U8 Hearth and Hall 3x
17U9 Lothlorien Guides   
17R13 The World Ahead 2x
17U14 Weapons of Lothlorien   
17U15 A New Light 4x
17U16 Barliman Butterbur, Red-Faced Landlord   
17R17 Gandalf, Returned 3x
17U19 Guidance of the Istari   
17U21 Long Stemmed Pipe 2x
17U22 Meneldor, Misty Mountain Eagle   
17U25 The Sap is in the Bough   
17U26 Woodland Onod   
17R27 Anduril, Sword That Was Broken   
17R29 Faramir's Bow, Ithilien Longbow   
17U32 Nimble Attack MISPRINT 2x
17U34 Spirit of the White Tree 4x
17R38 Saruman, Servant of Sauron   
17U40 Beast of War 3x
17R41 Ceremonial Armor 2x
17U42 Easterling Dispatcher 2x
17C47 Primitive Brand   
17R56 Sunland Scout  2x
17C57 Sunland Skirmisher
17R58 Sunland Sneak   
17R65 Vengeful Primitive   
17C68 Chaotic Clash 2x
17C72 Orkish Assassin   
17R74 Orkish Cavalry 2x
17C75 Orkish Dreg 2x
17C78 Orkish Footman 2x
17C81 Orkish Maurader   
17R82 Orkish Rider 4x
17R84 Orkish Scout 4x
17R87 Orkish Warg Master 3x
17U88 Orkish Warrior   
17R89 Relentless Warg 4x
17U90 Rider's Gear   
17U91 Threatening Warg   
17U94 Dispatched With Haste   
17R95 Eomer, Northman   
17R96 Eowyn, Northwoman   
17U97 For Death and Glory   
17R98 Throne of The Golden Hall   
17R99 Hama, Northman   
17U100 Into the Caves 2x
17U101 Soldier of Rohan   
17U103 Where Now The Horse   
17U104 Warrior of Rohan   
17R105 Throne of The Dark Lord   
17U106 Halfling Leaf   
17U107 Merry, In The Bloom of Health   
17U108 Hornblower Leaf   
17U109 Pippin, In The Bloom of Health   
17U110 Southfarthing Leaf   
17U111 Southlinch Leaf   
17U112 Blade of The White Hand   
17U117 Spear of The White Hand   
17C118 Vile Pit   
17C120 White Hand Attacker   
17C122 White Hand Butcher   
17R124 White Hand Destroyer   
17C125 White Hand Enforcer 2x
17C126 White Hand Guard 2x
17C127 White Hand Intruder   
17C131 White Hand Slayer 3x
17C133 White Hand Trooper 2x
17C134 White Hand Vanquisher   
17U138 You Do Not Know Pain 3x
17R141 Ulaire Otsea, Duplicitous Specter   
17R143 Ring of Terror   
17U147 Imladris
17RF3 Shadowfax, Greatest of The Mearas FOIL
17RF4 Gwaihir The Windlord FOIL   
17RF5 Anduril, Sword That Was Broken FOIL   
17RF6 Faramir, Bearer of Quality FOIL 2x
17RF7 Narsil, Forged By Telchar FOIL   
17RF8 Throne of Minas Tirith FOIL   
17RF12 Aragorn, Defender of Rohan FOIL   
17RF13 Throne of The Golden Hall FOIL   
17RF14 Theoden, Northman King of Rohan FOIL   


18U2 Run Until Found   
18R4 Arwen's Bow   
18R5 Arwen's Dagger   
18R6 Back to The Light 4x
18R7 Celebring, Elven Smith   
18U8 Elven Armaments 3x
18C9 Elven Defender   
18U10 Elven Supplies 2x
18R12 Gil-Galad, High King of The Noldor 2x
18R13 Glorfindel, Eldarin Lord   
18C16 Miruvore   
18C17 Woodhall Elf   
18R18 Beorning Axe 2x
18C19 Drawn to Full Height 2x
18U21 Last Stand   
18U21 Librarian, Keeper of Ancient Texts   
18U23 One Upsmanship   
18U25 Perspective   
18U27 Ship of Smoke 2x
18R29 Deceit 5x
18U30 Enemy in Your Midst   
18R31 It Draws Him 2x
18R32 Not Easily Avoided 4x
18U33 Set Up 2x
18R34 Shelob, Menace 2x
18R35 Sting of Shelob   
18C36 Time For Food 3x
18U37 Trusted Promise   
18R38 Aragorn, Heir to The Throne of Gondor
18C39 Armor of the White City 5x
18R40 Boromir, Proud and Noble Man   
18R42 Denethor, On The Edge of Madness   
18C44 Defenses Long Held   
18U45 Dunadan's Bow   
18U46 Disarmed 2x
18R47 Elendil's Army   
18R48 Faramir, Captain of Ithilien   
18R50 The Faithful Stone   
18C51 For Gondor!   
18R53 Horn of Boromir, The Great Horn   
18R54 Isildur, Sword Bearer   
18R55 Ranger of The North   
18C56 Ranger of the South 2x
18C57 Shield of the White Tree 2x
17U58 (18U58) Soldier's Cache MISPRINT     
18U64 Corsair Scimitar   
18C74 Squint Eyed Southerner   
18C74 Orkish Ax   
18C75 (18C85) Orkish Aggressor MISPRINT     
18U76 (18U86) Orkish Archer Troop MISPRINT  
18C77 Whisper in the Dark   
18U78 Destroyers and Usurpers   
18U79 Frenzy of Arrows 2x
18R80 Gothmog, Morgul Leader 2x
18C87 Orkish Breeder 2x
18C89 Orkish Headsman   
18C90 Orkish Skirmisher 3x
18C91 Orkish Sneak 2x
18U93 Wary Orc 2x
18C94 Cast from The Hall   
18R98 Fall Back to Helm's Deep 4x
18R100 Gamling's Horn   
18C103 Rohirrim Recruit 2x
18U104 Surrendered Weapons   
18C106 A Dragon's Tale   
18U108 Golden Perch Ale   
18U110 Prized Lagan 2x
18U111 Robin Smallburrow, Shirriff Cock-Robin 4x
18R112 Scouring of The Shire 2x
18C116 Fury of the Evil Army   
18R119 Lurtz's Bow, Black Fletch Bow   
18U120 New Forges Built   
18U121 Pikes Upon Pikes   
18U123 Tracking the Prize   
18C124 White Hand Attacker   
18C128 White Hand Mystic 3x
18C131 White Hand Uruk   
18U132 All Life Flees   
18U134 Doorway to Doom   
18U139 Steward's Tomb 2x   
18U140 Streets of Bree   
18RF1 Arwen's Bow FOIL   
18RF2 Arwen's Dagger FOIL   
18RF3 Galadriel's Silver Ewer FOIL   
18RF4 Beorning Axe FOIL 2x
18RF5 Radagast's Herb Bag FOIL   
18RF6 Shelob, Menace FOIL   
18RF7 Crown of Gondor FOIL   
18RF10 Gothmog, Morgul Leader FOIL   
18RF11 Erkenbrand's Horn FOIL   
18RF12 Erkenbrand's Shield FOIL   
18RF16 Sting, Elven Long Knife FOIL   


19P8 Gandalf, Wise Guide FOIL   
19P12 Aragorn, Well Traveled Guide FOIL
19P16 Grima, Servant of Another Master FOIL   
19P18 The Balrog, Demon of Might FOIL 2x
19P38 Ulaire Nertea, Dark Horseman FOIL 2x
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update Smiley
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Big update. Selling my collection!
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How much? I don't see a price.
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As for the prices of the cards – just send me PM with your offer.

Just make an offer for the cards you are interested in :-) I sell cards individually and in lots.

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you have PM.

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PM send
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PM send
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Pm sent
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Hi guys, sorry for no replies - I totally forgot to log in to TLHH website  Embarrassed and I did not receive any notification about new private messages I got. I will try to get back to you shortly.

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PM for you

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PM sent. Wink
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