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 +=====Card Layouts=====
 +There are three major types of layouts used for cards in the Lord of the Rings TCG.  These are the //Character Template//, //Site Template//, and what could be called the //Modifier Template//.  Cards that use the [[character]] template include Companions, Allies, Minions, and (confusingly enough) Followers.  Conditions, Events, Artifacts, Possessions and The One Ring all use the !modifier template, and Sites of course use the site template.
 +<div column 30%>{{cardmedia:card_label-companion.png?360  }}</div>
 +<div column 30%>{{  cardmedia:card_label-condition.png?370  }}</div>
 +<div column 35%>{{  cardmedia:card_label-site.png?400}}</div>
 +<div CLEAR></div>
 +Each of the three Layouts provides largely the same information in roughly the same place.  Each layout, for instance, shows the Twilight Cost of the card in the upper-left hand corner (but note this looks like the upper-right if you rotate a Site onto its side).  The Title is located at the top for Characters and on the left-hand side for Modifier and Site cards (again, looking like the top side with a rotated Site).
 +See the dedicated articles below for an in-depth explanation of each card attribute.
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