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 See also discard, modifier, twilight cost. See also discard, modifier, twilight cost.
 +<div info>**From the [[current_rulings_document|Current Rulings Document]]:**
 +If an effect tells you to reveal or look at one or more cards from somewhere (a draw deck, a hand, etc.) and doesn’t specify what to do with them afterward, return them to where they came from, in the same order.
 +When a card has a conditional effect in parentheses, you can’t choose which one to use. You have to use the conditional effect if the condition is met.
 +//Sharp Defense adds no strength to a Dwarf who has resistance 4 or more and no possessions. You can’t choose to use the +2 instead.//
 +When you move a card from one area to another (except when drawing a card from your draw deck), you must reveal that card to all players to verify that it is of the correct type. Exception: If an effect says you are to move “a card” with no other description, you don’t have to reveal it.
 </div> </div>
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