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 +=====gccg File Format=====
 +The gccg file format is simply a formatted text file with no particular extension; in fact, the decks included with gccg do not have any file extension whatsoever.  It is a very simplistic format, with perhaps the bare minimum required to display the information in text.
 +An example deck is shown below:
 +1 The One !Ring, The Ruling !Ring (FoTR)
 +1 Legolas, !Prince Of Mirkwood
 +2 !Athelas
 +2 Boromir, !Son of Denethor
 +1 Coat of !Mail
 +2 Eregion's !Trails
 +2 Great !Shield
 +2 No Stranger to the !Shadows
 +2 !Pathfinder (FoTR)
 +3 !Swordarm of the White Tower
 +3 !Swordsman of the Northern Kingdom
 +3 !Bred for Battle
 +2 !Saruman's Ambition
 +2 !Their Arrows Enrage
 +3 !Uruk Rager
 +3 !Uruk Savage
 +3 !Uruk Shaman
 +2 !Uruk Slayer
 +2 !Uruk Soldier
 +2 !Uruk–hai !Armory
 +2 !Uruk–hai Raiding Party (FoTR)
 +1 !Frodo, !Son of Drogo
 +2 !Hobbit Sword (FoTR)
 +1 !Sam, !Son of Hamfast
 +2 !Aragorn, !King in !Exile
 +1 !East Road (FoTR)
 +1 !Bree Gate
 +1 !Rivendell Terrace
 +1 !Moria Lake
 +1 !The Bridge of Khazad-dûm
 +1 !Galadriel's Glade (FoTR)
 +1 !Silverlode Banks
 +1 !Pillars of the Kings
 +1 !Slopes of Amon Hen
 +As you can see, each card is prefaced by an amount, then a space, followed by the title/subtitle of the card.  Sites are prefaced by the word "sites" on one line before their section.  You can also see that where a card was reprinted, there is a suffix disambiguating which set is meant. Strictly speaking this suffix is not required, as gccg will attempt to guess which one was meant, but it does remove all doubt.  
 +Also note that accents are supported but are not required.  
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