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 +====== Gandalf, Stormcrow (P) (0P64) Wiki ======
 +===== General Strategy =====
 +A largely worthless version of Gandalf that unfortunately uses one of the better subtitles for that character.  It attempts to balance the +1 strength increase over a base Gandalf with absolutely no game text whatsoever.  If you need a stronger Gandalf, use Defender of the West, Friend of the Shirefolk, or Mithrandir, depending on your Fellowship composition.  Or just pack Glamdring.
 +===== Strengths and Weaknesses =====
 +=== Strengths ===
 +  * +1 Strength over a normal Gandalf ಠ_ಠ
 +=== Weaknesses ===
 +  * No abilities whatsoever.  Use a different Gandalf.
 +===== Extra Information =====
 +==== Other Versions of Gandalf ====
 +[[:lotr00026|{{thumbs:lotr00026.jpg|Defender of the West (P)}}]] [[:lotr00032|{{thumbs:lotr00032.jpg|Mithrandir (P)}}]] [[:lotr00070|{{thumbs:lotr00070.jpg|Leader of the Company (P)}}]] [[:lotr00D17|{{thumbs:lotr00D17.jpg|Stormcrow (D)}}]] [[:lotr01072|{{thumbs:lotr01072.jpg|Friend of the Shirefolk}}]] [[:lotr01072T|{{thumbs:lotr01072T.jpg|Friend of the Shirefolk (T)}}]] [[:lotr01364|{{thumbs:lotr01364.jpg|The Grey Wizard}}]] [[:lotr02122|{{thumbs:lotr02122.jpg|The Grey Pilgrim}}]] [[:lotr04089|{{thumbs:lotr04089.jpg|Greyhame}}]] [[:lotr04090|{{thumbs:lotr04090.jpg|The White Wizard}}]] [[:lotr04090T|{{thumbs:lotr04090T.jpg|The White Wizard (T)}}]] [[:lotr06030|{{thumbs:lotr06030.jpg|Mithrandir}}]] [[:lotr07036|{{thumbs:lotr07036.jpg|Defender of the West}}]] [[:lotr07037|{{thumbs:lotr07037.jpg|Manager of Wizards}}]] [[:lotr08015|{{thumbs:lotr08015.jpg|Leader of Men}}]] [[:lotr08015T|{{thumbs:lotr08015T.jpg|Leader of Men (T)}}]] [[:lotr11033|{{thumbs:lotr11033.jpg|Leader of the Company}}]] [[:lotr11033T|{{thumbs:lotr11033T.jpg|Leader of the Company (T)}}]] [[:lotr12027|{{thumbs:lotr12027.jpg|The White Rider}}]] [[:lotr12F03|{{thumbs:lotr12F03.jpg|The White Rider (F)}}]] [[:lotr12O01|{{thumbs:lotr12O01.jpg|The White Rider (O)}}]] [[:lotr13033|{{thumbs:lotr13033.jpg|Bearer of Obligation}}]] [[:lotr13F04|{{thumbs:lotr13F04.jpg|Bearer of Obligation (F)}}]] [[:lotr13O04|{{thumbs:lotr13O04.jpg|Bearer of Obligation (O)}}]] [[:lotr15029|{{thumbs:lotr15029.jpg|Powerful Guide}}]] [[:lotr15029H|{{thumbs:lotr15029H.jpg|Powerful Guide (H)}}]] [[:lotr15F05|{{thumbs:lotr15F05.jpg|Powerful Guide (F)}}]] [[:lotr15O02|{{thumbs:lotr15O02.jpg|Powerful Guide (O)}}]] [[:lotr17017|{{thumbs:lotr17017.jpg|Returned}}]] [[:lotr19008|{{thumbs:lotr19008.jpg|Wise Guide}}]]
 +<div hide>DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE.~~REDIRECT>lotr00064~~</div>
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