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 +====== Boromir, Steward's Heir (P) (0P65) Wiki ======
 +===== General Strategy =====
 +An interesting composition for Boromir that allows him to be used in any strategy involving Knights, Rangers, or Ring-bound men.  It is debatable how usable this is, as the very reason for those keywords is to separate [Gondor] men into different classes and thus very few, if any, cards have requirements for multiple keywords.  There may be multi-card strategies that can take advantage of this border-blurring, however.
 +===== Extra Information =====
 +==== Other Versions of Boromir ====
 +[[:lotr00071|{{thumbs:lotr00071.jpg|Hero of Osgiliath (P)}}]] [[:lotr01096|{{thumbs:lotr01096.jpg|Lord of Gondor}}]] [[:lotr01096T|{{thumbs:lotr01096T.jpg|Lord of Gondor (T)}}]] [[:lotr01097|{{thumbs:lotr01097.jpg|Son of Denethor}}]] [[:lotr03122|{{thumbs:lotr03122.jpg|Defender of Minas Tirith}}]] [[:lotr04111|{{thumbs:lotr04111.jpg|My Brother}}]] [[:lotr09031|{{thumbs:lotr09031.jpg|Bearer of Council}}]] [[:lotr11057|{{thumbs:lotr11057.jpg|Hero of Osgiliath}}]] [[:lotr11057T|{{thumbs:lotr11057T.jpg|Hero of Osgiliath (T)}}]] [[:lotr12043|{{thumbs:lotr12043.jpg|Defender of Minas Tirith}}]] [[:lotr13062|{{thumbs:lotr13062.jpg|Doomed Heir}}]] [[:lotr18040|{{thumbs:lotr18040.jpg|Proud and Noble Man}}]] [[:lotr19013|{{thumbs:lotr19013.jpg|Destined Guide}}]]
 +<div hide>DO NOT EDIT OR REMOVE THIS LINE.~~REDIRECT>lotr00065~~</div>
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