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 ===== General Strategy ===== ===== General Strategy =====
-<wrap tip>This page needs some workWhy not fill out some info below and then remove this notice?</wrap> +!No Retreat is capable of killing a Free Peoples player outright by forcing them to take a move they simply aren't prepared to make -- and therein lies the trouble with this card. As powerful as it seems (and rightly so)it's often either redundant or uselessIf you have a site under your control and can get 2 [Dunland] Men to the regroup phase, you're already making big gains with your Shadow side and probably won't need to push your opponent to win. On the other hand, if you're having trouble keeping sites or keeping your [Dunland] Men alive then this card will do nothing but clog your hand. Unless your deck is built to use Dunland's characteristic low site number to win quickly, leaving this card out in favor of extra pumps or situational minions such as Wormtongue or Shotgun Enquea will give your deck more consistency.
- +
-In this sectiondescribe: +
- +
- +
-  * Deck design strategy. +
-  * Gameplay considerations.+
 ===== Strengths and Weaknesses ===== ===== Strengths and Weaknesses =====
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 === Strong Versus... === === Strong Versus... ===
-  * Add cards and explanations here.+  * Decks which rely on their Shadow sides for victories and build their Free Peoples to simply survive 
 +  * Free Peoples strategies such as choke and pipes, which rely on slow movements and tricks to manage dangers rather than defeating them
 === Weak Versus... === === Weak Versus... ===
-  * Add cards and explanations here.+  * Strong Free Peoples, which will make meeting the conditions for using this card difficult 
 +  * Condition discarding after the Fellowship Phase
 ===== Example Decks ===== ===== Example Decks =====
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