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 ===== General Strategy ===== ===== General Strategy =====
-<wrap tip>This page needs some workWhy not fill out some info below and then remove this notice?</wrap>+Part of a small group of cards concerning burdens for Southrons, !Fearless was perhaps created to encourage interactions between the initial [Raider] subcultures, Southrons and Easterlings. New Fear and Gathering to the Summons are the only ways for Southrons to add burdens on their own, making the burden-adding capabilities of Easterlings a necessity for getting much mileage out of this event. Ambush from Southrons can help cover the twilight cost.
-In this sectiondescribe: +Men of Rhun (released in the same set) is a common event with the same cost which has a higher floor (+3 strength)a marginally lower ceiling (+4 strength for 4 or more burdens), and benefits both Southrons and Easterlings equallyEasterlings also have access to more potent skirmish abilities from burdens (namely Easterling Captain) on their own, and adding Southrons tends to only dilute the Easterlings' potential. While better than Men of Rhun when the Shadow player can spot 5 burdens in a Southron deck, it is substantially worse than Shotgun Enquea or Desert Legion would be for that same deck. For these reasons, !Fearless is left without a niche and is rarely used.
- +
- +
-  * Deck design strategy. +
-  * Gameplay considerations.+
 ===== Strengths and Weaknesses ===== ===== Strengths and Weaknesses =====
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 === Strong Versus... === === Strong Versus... ===
-  * Add cards and explanations here.+  * Self-burdening decks such as Fellowships with Smeagol, Slinker or Shire Countryside
 === Weak Versus... === === Weak Versus... ===
-  * Add cards and explanations here.+  * Fellowships with decent burden removal 
 +  * Opportunity cost of drawing Men of Rhun instead
 ===== Example Decks ===== ===== Example Decks =====
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