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Ye Ol' Corruption Kid
Posted: Tue Jul 31, 2007 12:22 am
Joined: 30 Jul 2007 Posts: 6 Location:
Lemme know what you guys think.


*Grishnahk, Orc Captain
Orc Scouting Band x4
Orc Butcher x3
Orc Hunters x2
Orc Soldier x3
Goblin Marksman x3
Southron Bowman x2
Uruk Crossbowman x2


Mordor’s Strength


Orc Bowman x4
Under the Watching Eye x4

Card Uses:
Grishnahk:Comes in handy for a double exertion to play UtWe, if you have the card clogged in your hand without any trackers to play it on.

Orc Scouting Band:Can exert to play UtWe, if not you can exert him to wound a companion while you’re skirmishing.

Ork Butcher:Cheap, and with four each of Orc Bowman and UtWe in you support area Butcher can get pretty strong. Also, you can exert him with Mordor’s Strength to do some damage.

Orc Hunters: Strong, and exert to wound.

Orc Soldier: Exert to wound.

Goblin Marksman, Uruk Crossbowman, and Southron Bowman add some archery for when you can’t spot a Sauron minion to deal archery from Orc Bowman.

That about sums it up.
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Elessar's Socks
Posted: Sun Aug 12, 2007 7:16 pm
Joined: 29 Jul 2007 Posts: 349 Location:
I’d run 4 Hate (drop Mordor’s Strength) and 2 Desert Lord for directed wounding/exerting, 2 Dead Marshes to counter condition removal, and an Ithil Stone. Maybe bump Grishnakh to 2-3 copies to draw your conditions faster.

For the minions I’d definitely drop the Orc Butcher. It’d be a long while before he can win skirmishes and at any rate your deck is geared toward wounding. I think around 18 minions would work well, with the card count at 33 cards or so (I count only 29 cards in your decklist, BTW).

Other minions to consider adding: Orc Patrol if you need condition removal, Orc Cutthroat as an alternative for skirmish-phase wounding, Enquea for crowd control, or even Orc Archer Troop for a Sauron archer that just might win a skirmish or two. I’m not too familiar with the Men and Orc cultures, but you might find some nice splashes there like the Black Gate Sentry.

I think moving away from Bands/Hunters/Soldiers would result in a stronger build because you wouldn’t need to worry about horses or archery preventing your minions from exerting. Any wounds in the skirmish phase are just a nice bonus. It depends on your meta, though.

If you don’t have access to Hate, then I’d suggest bumping Mordor’s Strength to 4 copies and replacing some of your minions with high-vitality Sauron ones. Cutthroats, Patrols, and Archer Troops would again work.

Hope I helped!

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