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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 9:19 am
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
--- description ---
Easy and fast way to understand and learn to make decks!
--- end description ---


1. Deck Building
1.1 Card Types
1.2 Building a Deck
1.3 Final deck list
2. Strategy
3. Match-ups
4. Different deck set-ups

Hi, there!

Since there ain’t so many that play World of Warcraft TCG here, I thought that I might introduce it in an easier way than just posting a deck list, with complicated strategies that you won’t understand. Therefor I’ve written a guide to making WoW TCG decks, find some minor, but good strategies, play with them and Win!

WoW TCG ain’t so different from what you might be used to while playing Lord of the Rings TCG or Magic: The Gathering. WoW TCG is mostly a mix between these with a twist of WoW. So it’s an advantage if you have played one of these before, since you can see a lot of similarities.

Deck Building

WoW TCG is based completely on the online game World of Warcraft that seems to be fairly popular. That’s why you will notice that the TCG is very similar to the online game. It has equal items, quest and you can even organize raids! (I wont be writing about raids in this article)

Card types
If we look a little closer into the game, we can see 5 different card types. These are:

1. Heroes
Heroes is the most important card of the deck. The deck can consist of a random hero of the right affliction, but having the right hero is a big advantage. A hero in WoW TCG can be compared to the Ring bearer in Lotr TCG. If he dies, you loose the match. Heroes have a one-time ability, that might not seem so impressing, but they are actually very useful in some situations, and can be the winning factor.

2. Allies
Allies are the protectors of your hero. They are also helping you killing your opponents hero. Allies have powerful abilities and can be a part of awesome combos.

3. Equipment
Equipment allows your hero to do damage, or protects your hero. A hero doesn’t have any attack value alone, but if the hero has a weapon, you can use the weapon by paying its use cost (Low right corner) and exhausting it. The weapon then adds its strength to the hero, and the hero have that strength all during your turn. There is also armor that protects combat damage from your hero, by exhausting the armor.

4. Abilities
There are several different type of abilities. Talent specced abilities, ongoing abilities and regular abilities.

5. Quest
Quests are a vital part of WoW TCG. It’s like the online game, it gets boring without them. The TCG is no different. Quests make the game more interesting. It can win the game for you, and it can ruin you, either way, its more fun.

Horde, Alliance, Neutral and Race!
All of the card types above have an affliction. That means it belongs to a group, and thats either Horde, Alliance or Neutral. This is because you can’t use orc allies with an Alliance hero, and visa versa. To see if you can use a card or not, you can see it in the top right corner. The mark needs to match your heroes race or affliction. Always check these things before putting cards into your deck.

Building a deck
To make a good WoW TCG deck from scratch, you need to know what cards you can use, how many cards you need to have, how many allies, abilities and ect. That’s not easy, even for a professional player. Everyone needs to think through their deck, see what good match-ups there are. Let’s start with the basic:

First you need to find yourself a hero. Boris Brightbeard is pretty cool, with a good ability. You don’t have to use the ability in a combo, the most important with the Hero, is his talent spec. As you can see on Boris, he is a Holy priest. It doesn’t really matter what talent spec he is, other than talent specced abilities. For Boris, that is (ex) Spiritual Healing. You can see that to use Spiritual Healing, your hero needs to be Holy specced. That means the ability can be used by Boris. All decks usually contain one or more talent specced card, and build their deck around that card. In this deck the general idea would be to use your hero for healing and protecting you allies whilst they attack for you.

Now that we have found our hero and the deck theme, we must think about what we can use in this deck and not. What we need and what we can live without.

When we are to choose the rest of the cards for the deck, its good to start with the quests, since there is regularly 15-20 quests in a deck. You also need to choose quests that suites your deck best.

Chasing A-Me 01 x4 (Generally good for all decks)
Kibler’s Exotic Pets x4 (Generally good for all decks with many allies)
Zapped Giants x4 (Good since the deck is based on many abilities)
Into the Maw of Madness x4 (Really good when you have too much resources and few cards on your hand)

This would be a likely choice (From Heroes of Azeroth).

Now it would be a good time to choose who shall come with you and who gets left behind. Its time to choose you allies.

Acolyte Demia x2 (Can be used multiple times and heal)
Crazy Igvand x2 (Protects and gets healed)
Kena Shadowbrand x2 (Draw cards then get healed)
Maxum Ironbrew x2 (Defend heals himself)
Medoc Spiritwarden x3 (Fetch any ally you want from the graveyard)
Moira Darkheart x2 (Get rid of weapons or armor)
Parvink x2 (Draw and protect)
Randipan x2 (Hurt and draw)
Sha’lin Nightwind x3 (Hurt)
Latro Abiectus x3 (Hurt)

Total : 16 + 23 = 39 (Leaves around 20 - 25 sleeves from equipment and abilities)

Choosing abilities ain’t so difficult, just use those abilities suited for your hero and his spec. You would normally for a deck like this, healing abilities and even some damage abilities.

Flash Heal x4
Chastise x2
Smite x2
Heal x4
Prayer of Healing x3
Spiritual Healing x4

Total : 39 + 19 = 58

There isn’t much equipment you can choose for priests yet, but they are good. These are the ones suited for this deck:

Hide of the Wild x2
Gift of the Elven Magi x2

Total : 58 + 4 = 62 (Minimum 60, 62 is fine)

Heres the final deck list:

Boris Brightbeard

Acolyte Demia x2
Crazy Igvand x2
Kena Shadowbrand x2
Maxum Ironbrew x2
Medoc Spiritwarden x3
Moira Darkheart x2
Parvink x2
Randipan x2
Sha’lin Nightwind x3
Latro Abiectus x 3

Flash Heal x4
Chastise x2
Smite x2
Heal x4
Prayer of Healing x3
Spiritual Healing x4

Hide of the Wild x2
Gift of the Elven Magi x2

Chasing A-Me 01 x4
Kibler’s Exotic Pets x4
Zapped Giants x4
Into the Maw of Madness x4

This strategy is fairly simple, since it is a novice deck. Most of the damage will come from some of your allies, and some from your smite magic. Be aware that its better to loose a couple of lives than loosing you allies. You can aways heal! Be sure to keep your protectors healthy!, they are your life line. A priest doesn’t have too much health, so you better be wild enough to use Crazy Igvand for the job. If you don’t have any abilities on your hand, be sure to use Gift of the Elven Magi, when you can. Most people forget the abilities of their weapons, thinking they are for attacking and defending only. Also remember that you heal more with Spiritual Healing than normal (your opponent wont remind you if you think so), same with Hide of the Wild too. For attacking, use the two elusive Night Elves. They can together do a lot of damage, without being attacked on your turn. That is the basic strategy with this deck, easy and simple.


Since I haven’t played so much WoW, directly, I don’t know of so many match-ups yet, but I will cover those I can.

Elendril’s Rapid Fire
This deck is based on hero multiple attacks, and some multi-shot abilities. Regularly, this wouldn’t cause any problem, if we get the protectors up and running quickly. Really depends if your opponent gets a weapon soon or late, for his combo. If two equally good players was playing, I’d say at a 3 round match, Elendril would have won 2/3 because the deck is more stabil than this deck.

Beast Mastery
This is a harder match-up than Elendril, just because beast mastery decks can produce many great attacks, without taking any damage. (Fury + Bestial Wrath = 16 damage on 2 rounds) It’s again up to the protectors and how much we can heal, really. A Beast Mastery deck doesn’t have so much protection against attacks, since its more focused on a quick game. That’s why I think this deck could have won at least 1/3 matches.

Feral Druid
My thoughts are that Boris has a fair chance vs. this deck. It’s based on one (or several if the uses Rak Skyfury) huge attack every round, that can easily be protected my any protector, later to be resurrected.

Dizdemona Rage
If you play against a Dizdemona Rage deck, played right, you can’t win one match. I don’t think you would stand a chance. With her pets she can’t be beat by this deck, too little fire power and too little "rage" Razz I sure don’t want to put my odds on Boris for this one.

Generally Rouges
Rouges are tricky heroes. One moment they’re there, the next they’re gone. Rouges do powerful things, with little amount spent. (ex)First Gouge for 1 resource, then Coup de Grace for 2 resources. Destroy an ally for 3 resources. Thats much better than Vanquish isn’t it? Rouges with daggers is also very dangerous, with all their combo cards and everything. But a thing thats especially dangerous for Boris, is Stealth. You cant protect! So if you win or not against a rouge deck, really depends if its using Stealth or not. If not, you should be able to take it down.

Different deck-setups
Players can develop on many different ways. The professional players often finds a combo, then build the deck based on that combo. A combo consists of several cards that together makes a professional deck. An example of a combo is the Elendril Rapid Fire combo. This consists of Elendril, Ancient Bow and Rapid Fire. The rest of the deck is based on fetching these cards, the fastest and cheapest way. The novice player mostly have one card they build their deck around. Like this: If a player wants to play World in Flames. That is his "key card". After that, he fetches all the fire damage abilities or other fire damage cards he can find. The player would most likely choose Ta’zo as his hero, since he does fire damage. Other cards like Fireball, Flamestrike and Pyroblast is likely to find place in his deck. Amateurs usually find any good card and puts in their deck.. (Don’t become one of those)

Thanks for reading my article! I hope you learned how to build a deck from it!

Please leave a comment! Ask any question you like, except personal stuff Razz

-- Takeo --
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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 12:51 pm
Joined: 23 Mar 2006 Posts: 7750 Location: somwhere, over the rainbow way up high. There's a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
well it helped me understand WoW a bit more, but since I don’t totally understand the rules... it was useful though.
a GP for certain and if someone who has actually played WoW votes, I will probably match their vote.
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Posted: Tue Apr 17, 2007 1:00 pm
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
Yay, mission accomplished!

Thanks for the comment SOP!
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Posted: Fri Apr 20, 2007 4:49 pm
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
Sniff... Maybe Cobra should shut down WoW as well.. Nobody except me apparently uses it... Sad
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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 2:06 am
Joined: 13 Oct 2006 Posts: 1696 Location: Roaming, but dangerous!!!
I wish my mates would restart with me... Sad

I read your article, and if i had read sth like that in the first place, it would really help as to understand the REAL value of cards much earlier. Great job!
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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 3:41 am
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
Thanks Corvus! Well you could move to Norway and start playing with me and my mates Razz

It’s hard to know value of cards when you first start a card game, without any experienced players around.. When I played MGT and Lotr, I had the top player in Norway, pretty good in the overall world ranking too in fact, living in the same area as me.. So I learned everything from him.. Except WoW of course.. And WoW seems to be a lot harder to learn perfectly without anyone to help..
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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 11:16 am
Joined: 07 Apr 2006 Posts: 3361 Location: Franciscan University of Steubenville
Very cool article! I like the good overview of deckbuilding. I’ll have to think about getting into WoW...
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Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2007 12:48 pm
Joined: 21 Jan 2007 Posts: 123 Location: Hidden in FBI's basement
Smile Please do! Cobra needs more WoW players around here! Too quiet..

Thanks for the comment!

-- Takeo
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 7:59 am
Joined: 19 Mar 2006 Posts: 1218 Location: Wow, its hot in Iowa
NIce job Takeo.
I think I am gonna write a WoW article soon..
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Posted: Wed Apr 25, 2007 10:02 am
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Hey Bob! Thanks for the comment!

Yes, please write some WoW articles so I can get some competition Smile
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