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Posted: Fri Feb 08, 2008 4:44 pm
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--- description ---
Ithilien Blade + What are they? Make up a deadly combo!
--- end description ---

Frodo, Weary from the Journey
The One Ring, Ring of Doom

Free Peoples [34]
Mablung, Ranger of Ithilien
Aragorn, Thorongil x3
madril, defender of osgiliath (starting)
Unyielding Ranger x2(One Starting)
gondorian Prowler (starting)
Invigorated x3
Ithilien Blade x4
Ranger’s Cloak x4
Aragorn’s bow, Ranger’s Longbow x3
No travelers in This Land x3
What are They? x4
Sting, Elven Long Knife x2
Athelas x2
Citadel of Minas Tirith

Shadow [34]
The Witch-King, Captain of the Nine Riders x3
Ulaire otsea, seventh of the nine
Ulaire cantea, faster than winds
Ulaire Lemenya, eternally Threatening x2
Ulaire Cantea, black assassing
Ulaire Attea, Thrall of the One
ulaire Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders x4
Ulaire Enquea, Sixth of the Nine Riders x2
Morgul Brute x4
Morgul Destroyer x4
Morgul Spearman x4
Morgul Squealer
Captured by the Ring x3
Gollum, Dark as Darkness
Out of Sight and Shot
Flung Into the Fray

Main object is to discard all the bad guys in the maneuver, and then either kill them off with pure strength or wound them to death. Ithilien Blade and What are They? when combined can discard minions faster than an m16.

No boromir? I wanted a way to remove threats, so Frodo, WFtJ equipped with the t&d sting will take care of those, so that Aragorn’s Bow could do another strafing run, whilst preserving Madril’s awesome power.

Mablung + No Travelers + Prowler are the wounding cards of the deck, and should be taken very seriously by the shadow.

Healing is mostly standard IB - Invigorated, Athelas, and the Citadel all work well. Athelas is weird, but keeps frodo’s vitality in check, so he can do his stuff without fear of dying. What would be really awesome is to find a way to completely heal frodo every turn, and let Gorn mow down the minions!

Shadow is a very advanced Nazgul/Morc pure threat/swarm/wound torture. I like the way it is currently, so any suggested changes will have to be very good ones.

That’s about all it, folks. Suggestion? Especially for the freeps.
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Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2008 12:48 pm
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Faramir, Captain of ithilien
4x Gondorian Prowler
Madril, Defender of Osgiliath
Aragorn, Strider
Denethor, Lord of Minas Tirith

Try that.
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