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Title: Deck Building in King Standard
Post by: ket_the_jet on October 29, 2018, 11:12:08 AM
To me, Return of the King marks the last set before the power creep of the game is increased by multiple deviations over the other sets. After all, sets 8 and 9 (which were released so close together that I consider them one set) introduced:
   - Alternate Ring-Bearers
   - Ancient Characters of Lore, like Elendil, Gil-Galad, and Durin III
   - Corsairs
   - A [Dwarven] ability to discard Shadow support area cards
   - The Enduring keyword
   - Besieging Troll Swarm
   - Shelob and Promise Keeping
   - Fortifications loops that can nearly-infinitely kill any minions

The classic example of this power creep can be seen with Castamir of Umbar, a [7] twilight, enduring, fierce minion that can self-exert and place tokens. Meanwhile, the Witch-King costs [8] and never gets to be both fierce and enduring, let alone self-exerting as an enduring minion.

King Standard still feels balanced in a way that Movie Block does not, even though there are still very strong card combinations. In this thread, I want to discuss some of the cards that are best-utilized in this format that lose a lot of their power in Movie. Feel free to add your thoughts and card suggestions as well.

The first card I will select is: I'd Make You Squeak

With the advent of alternate ring-bearers, you cannot count on a Frodo or Sam carrying the ring--this means that the high-cost card (two exertions!) might be entirely worthless in play. I'd Make You Squeak is a perfect addition to any Towers Standard and King Standard [Sauron] grind deck, as a lot of Under the Watching Eye wounds end up on Frodo. King Standard adds the threat mechanic, meaning even more of these wounds can end up on the ring-bearer.

So what are cards that you think get the short shaft with the release of later sets? What are cards that you think find the perfect home in King Standard? I'll be sure to add more thoughts here later.
Title: Re: Deck Building in King Standard
Post by: RJH777 on October 29, 2018, 03:44:08 PM
I think Sauron Grind in general does well in king (except for that nasty old Dauntless Hunter running about) but gets hammered in Movie (Dwarves with BRC and ring of fury are basically immune and Gil-Galad and Cirdan can pack so much health, and Saved from the fire ents are basically an auto lose).

Threat Nazgul are another example of a deck that's powerful but definitely beatable with a range of fellowships in King but gets totally powercrept by the elves and dwarves in particular in Movie.

I like that some of the fun towers stuff like Wargs and Trackers still feel somewhat viable in King.

Moria is the total opposite - they feel so much more fragile without access to Host of Moria but are definitely a big player in the movie meta (on Gemp anyway!)