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Author Topic: The White Council Set - Final Cards  (Read 791 times)
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« on: August 26, 2019, 05:02:56 AM »

And finally, we come to the end of my custom set of cards. Thank you so much to everyone who provided feedback. This was really fun to do and I hope it was fun for you as well. Here's links to each culture and a brief description of what's you'll find there. Enjoy!

The One Ring and Sites: 38 new sites (based on the post-Shadows adventure path) and a new version of the One Ring
Dwarves: Bonuses for companions with high damage bonuses.
Gandalf: Some new ent companions and two new versions of Gandalf.
Shire: Hobbits that support other cultures, including a new Frodo that has big implications for starting fellowships
Rohan: Companions that get stronger after other companions are killed
Elves: Powerful, costly followers and sending companions to the Grey Havens (the discard pile)
Gondor: An Aragorn ring-bearer, new fortifications, and the beacons of Gondor
Gollum: Fun with discarding Smeagol and cards that make Gollum target the ring-bearer
Wraith: Ringwraiths that become powerful hunters if certain conditions are met
Uruks: Uruks that stack on machines
Men: Easterlings that add temporary burdens and mumakil baskets
Orcs! Orc archers, trackers, and lurkers.

4Saruman, Curumo Isengard
Minion • Wizard
Strength: 8
Vitality: 4
Site Number: 4
Each time a minion wins a skirmish, you may exert Saruman to make that minion Fierce and all minions of that minion's culture strength +1 until the regroup phase.

2 •Grima, Spy of the White Hand Isengard
Minion • Man
Strength: 4
Vitality: 3
Site Number: 3
Grima may not be overwhelmed unless his strength is tripled.
Regroup: Exert or discard Grima to make the Free Peoples player discard a Free Peoples card from play for each threat you can spot.

0The Palantir of Orthanc, Lost Seeing Stone Isengard
Artifact • Support Area
To play, spot a Wizard.
Response: If one of your conditions is about to be discarded by a Free Peoples card, spot 2 minions of different cultures and remove 1 to prevent that.

2The Rods of the Five Wizards Isengard
Condition • Support Area
To play, spot a Wizard.
While you can spot a staff, each Wizard gains muster.

3Trapped Isengard
Plays on a site you control. Cards with the same title as cards stacked here may not be played. If this site is liberated, the Free Peoples player may play all cards here as if from hand.
Response: If your Wizard wins a skirmish against an unbound companion and no card is stacked here, stack that companion here.

2 Devices of Saruman Isengard
Event • Skirmish
Make a wizard strength +1 for each artifact you can spot (limit +6).

1 The Voice of Saruman Isengard
Event • Skirmish
If Saruman is skirmishing, return him to your hand.

2 The White Hand's Grasp Isengard
Event • Manuever
Spot Staff of Saruman and exert Saruman twice to discard an artifact. The Free Peoples player may exert a Wizard companion 3 times to prevent that.

3Old Man Willow Sauron
Minion • Tree
Strength: 5
Vitality: 4
Site Number: 2
Enduring. Damage +2.
If at a forest, remove all game text (except card type, resistance, and race) from a hobbit skirmishing Old Man Willow until the regroup phase.

2I See You Sauron
Condition • Support Area
To play, exert a Nazgul, Orc, or Sauron minion.
Each time The ring-bearer puts on the One Ring, the Free Peoples player must either add a burden, add a threat, or discard his or her hand.

[12] •The Balrog, Valaraukar Moria
Minion • Balrog
Strength: 17
Vitality: 5
Site Number: 4
Damage +1. Fierce.
At the start of each skirmish involving the Balrog, you may exert it to play an artifact on it from your draw deck (or from your draw deck or discard pile if at an underground site).
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