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Posted: Wed Dec 26, 2007 2:14 pm
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--- description ---
Gandalf and the wraiths with a Corsair swarm.
--- end description ---


Free Peoples:

Frodo, Hope of Free Peoples
Such a Weight to Carry

Gandalf, Leader of Men

King of the Dead x 2
Aragorn, Driven by Need x 3
Cursed of Erech x 2
Sleepless Dead x 2
Shadow Host x 2

Elessar’s Edict x 3
At His Command x 3

Stronger and More Terrible x 4
Swept Away x 3
Sharpen your Swords x 4
Citadel to Gate x 2

Spectral Sword x 2


Corsair Gunners x 4
Corsair Marauder x 4
Corsair Plunderer x 2
Corsair Ruffian x 4
Castamir of Umbar x 4

Corsair War Galley x 4
Black Sails of Umbar x 4
Ships of Great Draught x 2

Wind that Sped Ships x 4
Fierce in Despair x 2

The strategy is to just set up Wraiths as fast as you can. Just make them as big as possible and clobber everything in your way. Make sure to keep initiative so that Swept Away keeps you from taking wounds. Remove threats with Stronger and More Terrible.

The shadow is Corsairs. Just get tons of token, get rid of tons of possessions, throw a small wrench in their strategy with the Ruffian, and cycle some with the Plunderer. Strength +6 with Wind that Sped Ships, over and over. That should beat them down pretty bad. Black Sails of Umbar come back with Ships of Great Draught.
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