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19P1•The One Ring, The Great Ring The One RingThe One Ring
19P2•Gimli, Opinionated Guide Companion • DwarfDwarven
19P3Still Twitching ConditionDwarven
19P4That's Two! EventRegroupDwarven
19P5Army Long Trained ConditionElven
19P6•Arwen, Royal Maiden Companion • ElfElven
19P7•Legolas, Skeptical Guide Companion • ElfElven
19P8•Gandalf, Wise Guide CompanionWizardGandalf
19P9Stern Words ConditionGandalf
19P10•Gollum, Threatening Guide MinionGollum
19P11•Smeagol, Pitiable Guide CompanionGollum
19P12•Aragorn, Well-traveled Guide Companion • ManGondor
19P13•Boromir, Destined Guide Companion • ManGondor
19P14Not Bound To His Fate ConditionGondor
19P15Strength In My Blood ConditionGondor
19P16•Grima, Servant of Another Master Minion • ManIsengard
19P17Urgency ConditionIsengard
19P18•The Balrog, Demon of Might MinionBalrogMoria
19P19Reaching Tentacle MinionCreatureMoria
19P20Strong Tentacle MinionCreatureMoria
19P21•Watcher in the Water, Many-Tentacled Creature MinionCreatureMoria
19P22Pit Troll MinionTrollOrc
19P23•Troll of the Deep, Cave Troll MinionTrollOrc
19P24Brought Down From Inside ConditionRohan
19P25•Eomer, Eored Captain Companion • ManRohan
19P26•Eowyn, Lady of the Mark Companion • ManRohan
19P27Sauron's Might EventShadowSauron
19P28•Frodo, Little Master Companion • HobbitShire
19P29•Merry, Resolute Friend Companion • HobbitShire
19P30•Pippin, Steadfast Friend Companion • HobbitShire
19P31Rabbit Stew ConditionShire
19P32•Sam, Loyal Friend Companion • HobbitShire
19P33•Lurtz, Resilient Captain Minion • Uruk-HaiUruk-Hai
19P34In Twilight ConditionWraith
19P35•Ulaire Attea, Dark Predator Minion • NazgulWraith
19P36•Ulaire Enquea, Dark Threat Minion • NazgulWraith
19P37•Ulaire Lemenya, Dark Enemy Minion • NazgulWraith
19P38•Ulaire Nertea, Dark Horseman Minion • NazgulWraith
19P39•Ulaire Toldea, Dark Shadow Minion • NazgulWraith
19P40•The Witch-king, Dark Lord Minion • NazgulWraith

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