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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: The One Ring, The Great Ring (19P1)

The One Ring, The Great Ring (19P1)

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The One Ring, The Great Ring (19P1) Card Image

Set: Ages End
Card Type: The One Ring
Game Text: While wearing The One Ring, each time the bearer is about to take a wound, add a burden instead. Maneuver: Wear The One Ring until the regroup phase. Skirmish: Add a burden to make the Ring-bearer strength +3.
Rarity: P

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The One Ring, The Great Ring (19P1) Wiki

General Strategy

The One Ring, The Great Ring is one of the most popular one rings in the Expanded format. Its ability to add burdens at will to prevent overwhelm is incredibly powerful, and makes the ring-bearer much more difficult to kill, especially when combined with burden removal or high resistance. It also can be put on for no cost, which makes it one of the most efficient one rings in terms of wound-to-burden ratio. It is equipped during the Maneuver phase, so it is however vulnerable to regroup and pre-maneuver wounds. The biggest danger to this One Ring is Cavern Entrance; be sure to have some site manipulation if you're dependant on this ring to prevent that site from being played. Strong burden removal is also desirable if you're using this One Ring often, some examples are Golden Perch Ale; Sting, Weapon of Heritage; Shadowfax, GotM; Watch and Wait; Home and Hearth; and Songs of the Blessed Realm.

Strengths and Weaknesses

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Extra Information

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