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From the Comprehensive Rules 4.0:

One Free Peoples character always begins the game as your Ring-bearer. (See building your deck.) He bears The One Ring for you, much as when Frodo carried the Ring in his pocket or on a chain around his neck.

If a character other than Frodo is your Ring-bearer, you cannot play any version of Frodo with the Ring-bearer keyword during the game.

While wearing The One Ring, your Ring-bearer can perform all normal actions such as moving and skirmishing. He may defend against attacking minions as usual.

The Ring-bearer cannot be discarded or returned to your hand, and skirmishes involving the Ring-bearer cannot be cancelled.

If Sméagol is the Ring-bearer, you cannot play Be Back Soon to discard him (“Maneuver: Discard Sméagol to discard a minion…”), or Sneaking to cancel his skirmish (“…cancel Sméagol’s skirmish if he has more vitality that the minion or minions he is skirmishing.”).

If Frodo is the Ring-bearer, you cannot use Frodo's Cloak to cancel his skirmish (“…add a burden and discard Frodo’s Cloak to cancel a skirmish involving Frodo.”)

See also losing the game, overwhelmed, starting fellowship.

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