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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Battle of Helm's Deep Index

Battle of Helm's Deep Index

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5U1Dunlending Rampager Minion • ManDunland
5U2Dunlending Renegade Minion • ManDunland
5R3Leaping Blaze EventDunland
5R4Wild Men of the Hills Minion • ManDunland
5R5Baruk Khazad EventDwarven
5C6Defending the Keep EventDwarven
5R7•Gimli, Skilled Defender Companion • DwarfDwarven
5U8•Horn of Helm PossessionDwarven
5U9•More to My Liking ConditionDwarven
5U10•Balglin, Elven Warrior Companion • ElfElven
5R11Break the Charge EventElven
5U12•Legolas' Sword PossessionHand WeaponElven
5U13•Taurnil, Sharp-eyed Bowman Companion • ElfElven
5C14That Is No Orc Horn EventElven
5U15•Birchseed, Tall Statesman Companion • EntGandalf
5R16Down From the Hills EventGandalf
5C17Forest Guardian Companion • EntGandalf
5R18Fury of the White Rider EventGandalf
5R19•Lindenroot, Elder Shepherd Companion • EntGandalf
5U20Turn of the Tide EventGandalf
5R21Be Back Soon EventGollum
5U22Evil-smelling Fens ConditionGollum
5U23Follow Smeagol ConditionGollum
5C24•Gollum, Nasty Treacherous Creature MinionGollum
5R25•Gollum, Stinker MinionGollum
5R25T•Gollum, Stinker (T) MinionGollum
5U26Look at Him EventGollum
5C27Poor Wretch ConditionGollum
5C28•Smeagol, Old Noser CompanionGollum
5R29•Smeagol, Slinker CompanionGollum
5R29T•Smeagol, Slinker (T) CompanionGollum
5C30We Must Have It EventGollum
5R31•Alcarin, Warrior of Lamedon Companion • ManGondor
5C32•Citadel of the Stars ConditionGondor
5C33City Wall ConditionGondor
5U34Fall Back EventGondor
5C35Gondorian Knight Companion • ManGondor
5C36Knight of Gondor Companion • ManGondor
5C37Men of Numenor EventGondor
5U38Rally Point ConditionGondor
5R39•Stone Tower ConditionGondor
5C40Take Cover EventGondor
5R41These Are My People EventGondor
5U42•Turgon, Man of Belfalas Companion • ManGondor
5C43War Must Be EventGondor
5U44Battering Ram ConditionIsengard
5U45•Berserk Rager Minion • Uruk-HaiIsengard
5R46•Berserk Savage Minion • Uruk-HaiIsengard
5R47•Berserk Slayer Minion • Uruk-HaiIsengard
5U48Black Shapes Crawling EventIsengard
5R49•Devilry of Orthanc ConditionIsengard
5R50•Foul Horde Minion • OrcIsengard
5R51•Grima, Chief Counselor Minion • ManIsengard
5C52Isengard Flanker Minion • OrcIsengard
5C53Isengard Rider Minion • OrcIsengard
5U54Isengard Scimitar PossessionHand WeaponIsengard
5U55Isengard Scout Troop Minion • OrcIsengard
5R56•Saruman, Master of Foul Folk MinionWizardIsengard
5U57Scaling Ladder ConditionIsengard
5R58•Sharku, Warg-captain Minion • OrcIsengard
5R59•Sharku's Warg PossessionMountIsengard
5U60Siege Engine ConditionIsengard
5C61Uruk Engineer Minion • Uruk-HaiIsengard
5C62Uruk Sapper Minion • Uruk-HaiIsengard
5U63Uruk-hai Berserker Minion • Uruk-HaiIsengard
5U64War-warg PossessionMountIsengard
5C65Warg PossessionMountIsengard
5C66Warg-master Minion • OrcIsengard
5C67Warg-rider Minion • OrcIsengard
5C68Wolf-voices EventIsengard
5R69Wolves of Isengard ConditionIsengard
5R70•Army of Haradrim Minion • ManRaider
5R71Company of Haradrim Minion • ManRaider
5R72Desert Stalker Minion • ManRaider
5C73Mumak PossessionMountRaider
5C74Southron Marcher Minion • ManRaider
5C75Southron Runner Minion • ManRaider
5C76Southron Traveler Minion • ManRaider
5U77Strength in Numbers ConditionRaider
5R78War Mumak PossessionMountRaider
5U79•Armory ConditionRohan
5U80•Arrow-slits ConditionRohan
5C81•Ecglaf, Courageous Farmer AllyHome 4T • ManRohan
5R82•Gamling, Warrior of Rohan Companion • ManRohan
5C83Household Guard Companion • ManRohan
5R84I Am Here EventRohan
5C85Let Us Be Swift EventRohan
5R86No Rest for the Weary EventRohan
5U87•Parapet ConditionRohan
5C88Rohirrim Bow PossessionRanged WeaponRohan
5R89Rohirrim Helm PossessionHelmRohan
5C90Rohirrim Scout Companion • ManRohan
5C91Rohirrim Shield PossessionShieldRohan
5U92•Sigewulf, Brave Volunteer AllyHome 4T • ManRohan
5C93•Theoden, King of the Golden Hall Companion • ManRohan
5R94Thundering Host ConditionRohan
5R95•Dead Marshes ConditionSauron
5R96Eye of Barad-Dur EventSauron
5C97Gate Soldier Minion • OrcSauron
5C98Gate Trooper Minion • OrcSauron
5C99Gate Veteran Minion • OrcSauron
5R100•Grishnakh, Orc Captain Minion • OrcSauron
5R100T•Grishnakh, Orc Captain (T) Minion • OrcSauron
5U101I'd Make You Squeak ConditionSauron
5R102•Morannon ConditionSauron
5R103Orc Captain Minion • OrcSauron
5U104•Orc Cutthroat Minion • OrcSauron
5U105Orc Fighter Minion • OrcSauron
5C106Orc Infantry Minion • OrcSauron
5U107•Orc Patrol Minion • OrcSauron
5C108Orc Pursuer Minion • OrcSauron
5C109Orc Runner Minion • OrcSauron
5U110Teeth of Mordor ConditionSauron
5U111•Frodo, Master of the Precious Companion • HobbitShire
5R112No Help for It EventShire
5R113No Use That Way EventShire
5U114•Rare Good Ballast ConditionShire
5U115•Sam, Nice Sensible Hobbit Companion • HobbitShire
5R116•Sting, Baggins Heirloom PossessionHand WeaponShire
5R116T•Sting, Baggins Heirloom (T) PossessionHand WeaponShire
5C117You Must Help Us EventShire
5U118Hornburg Wall SiteSite
5U119Nan Curunir SiteSite
5U120Caverns of Isengard SiteSite
5P121•Legolas, Archer of Mirkwood Companion • ElfElven
5P122•Eowyn, Daughter of Eomund Companion • ManRohan
5R123Baruk Khazad (AI) EventDwarven
5R124Break the Charge (AI) EventElven
5R125•Foul Horde (AI) Minion • OrcIsengard
5R126•Army of Haradrim (AI) Minion • ManRaider
5R127Rohirrim Helm (AI) PossessionHelmRohan
5R128Thundering Host (AI) ConditionRohan
5M1•Gollum, Stinker (M) MinionGollum
5M2•Grima, Chief Counselor (M) Minion • ManIsengard

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