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The goal for this site is to provide a comprehensive, searchable wealth of information regarding the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game by Decipher, as well as a community for players to discuss and enjoy the game. It is split into two main parts:

The Last Homely House

TLHH is a forum dedicated to displaced CC members and LotR TCG enthusiasts. Come take a look!

The Card Wiki:

The wiki contains images, text, and guides for nearly 3500 cards. Browse the Wiki Index or choose which set you would like to browse below:

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Set 0

Set 1
The Fellowship of the Ring

Set 2
Mines of Moria

Set 3
Realms of the Elf-lords

Set 4
The Two Towers

Set 5
Battle of Helm's Deep

Set 6
Ents of Fangorn

Set 7
The Return of the King

Set 8
Siege of Gondor

Set 9

Set 10
Mount Doom

Set 11

Set 12
Black Rider

Set 13

Set 14
Expanded Middle-earth

Set 15
The Hunters

Set 16
The Wraith Collection

Set 17
Rise of Saruman

Set 18
Treachery & Deceit

Set 19
Ages End

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