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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: We Must Have It (5C30)

We Must Have It (5C30)

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We Must Have It (5C30) Card Image

Set: Battle of Helm's Deep
Kind: Shadow
Culture: Gollum
Twilight: 0
Card Type: Event
Game Text: Shadow: Play Gollum from your draw deck or your discard pile. Skirmish: Discard a card at random from hand to make Gollum strength +3.
Lore: ”'No, sweet one. See, my precious: if we has it, then we can escape, even from Him, eh?'”
Rarity: C

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We Must Have It (5C30) Wiki

General Strategy

What role does Gollum have in decks right now? Primarily, he is concerned with burdens. Gollum, Stinker is Strength +1 for each burden, and he adds a burden each time he wins. So, he makes a great addition to any corruption deck, but there is only one problem. Early on, there won't be enough burdens (most likely) to let poor Gollum pose a threat. We Must Have It can solve this problem.

Even with no burdens, Gollum will be a nice strength 8, which can be enough to win at the first couple of sites. Don't be fooled by the 0 in the cost, this event is expensive for a pump. It makes you discard another card, and randomly at that. Don't underestimate this cost.

We Must Have It also lets you double the number of Gollums in your deck, playing him from either your draw deck or discard pile. That means he could conceivably come out to play at every site. By the end of your game your opponent will be quite tired of seeing him! With Stinker's progressive increase in strength from winning skirmishes - each win effectively adds one to his strength next time you see him - he can be a powerful foe in the late game, and still only costs 2 twilght.

by Trek Barnes

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