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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Twilight Cost

Twilight Cost

From the Comprehensive Rules 4.0:

In the upper left corner of each Free Peoples and Shadow card is that card’s twilight cost. This is the number of twilight tokens that must be added to or removed from the twilight pool to play that card.

When you play a Free Peoples card, you must add a number of twilight tokens (from the reserve) to the twilight pool equal to that card’s twilight cost.

When your opponent plays a Shadow card, he must remove a number of twilight tokens from the twilight pool equal to that card’s twilight cost. A Shadow card cannot be played if its twilight cost cannot be met by the tokens available in the twilight pool.

In game text, you will find phrases like “Add 1” which means, “Add 1 twilight token to the twilight pool.”

You must meet any requirements to play a card (or perform an action) before paying its costs.

. . .

All Shadow players pay for cards by using the same twilight pool. The second Shadow player uses twilight tokens left over from the first Shadow player, and so on.

Cards already in play that affect another card’s twilight cost have that effect only when the card to be modified is coming into play.

A Free Peoples player uses the site text of Rohirrim Road (“Fellowship: Exert an Elf to make the twilight cost of each condition and possession +2 until the end of the turn.”).That player then uses Catapult during that turn (“Maneuver: Discard 2 cards from hand to reveal the top card of an opponent’s draw deck. Choose an opponent who must discard a Shadow card that has a twilight cost that is the same as the twilight cost of the revealed card.”). Catapult reveals a condition from the top of an opponent’s deck. The condition’s twilight cost is not modified by the site text of Rohirrim Road, because the condition is not coming into play.

See also cost, discard pile, draw deck.

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