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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: Tokens


There are a small variety of tokens used in the LotR-TCG used for a variety of purposes. Typically they all take the form of small glass beads, such as the wound tokens shown to the right. A brief summary of each token is given below, with dedicated articles giving more information.

Wound Tokens

Wound Tokens are usually blood-red, though any color can be used so long as you have enough. These tokens usually double for threats, and in a pinch they can be used for a variety of culture tokens as well.

See wound, threat

Twilight Tokens

Twilight Tokens are dark tokens used to represent the influence of Shadow on the Fellowship, so usually represented by black or dark grey glass tokens. Usually double as burdens, and can also be used for culture tokens as well.

See twilight cost, burden


Culture Tokens

Culture Tokens are used on various support area conditions, such as Ships of Great Draught. In real-world games, twilight tokens or wound tokens can be used. In electronic media, a token with the culture icon on it is usually used.

See culture tokens

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