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The Lord of the Rings TCG Wiki: The One Ring, The Ring of Doom (15R1)

The One Ring, The Ring of Doom (15R1)

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The One Ring, The Ring of Doom (15R1) Card Image

Set: The Hunters
Card Type: The One Ring
Vitality: +2
Game Text: While wearing The One Ring, the Ring-bearer gains hunter 3, and each time he or she is about to take a wound in a skirmish, add a burden instead. Skirmish: Add a burden to wear The One Ring until the regroup phase.
Rarity: R

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The One Ring, The Ring of Doom (15R1) Wiki

General Strategy

This version of the One Ring is strikingly similar to the Answer to All Riddles, the only difference being that it gives Hunter 3 instead of strength + 2. Against most minions, Hunter 3 = Strength + 3, making this strictly an upgrade over AtAR. In addition it also has good synergy with cards that spot or exert hunters. However against hunters it will merely remove the hunter bonus of the minion skirmishing the Ring-Bearer, which is less useful than ATAR's ability. For the most part, hunters are rare in expanded, so this ring obsoletes ATAR somewhat. However, if the meta changes to many hunter minion decks, ATAR might start to see more play again.

Even bearing the above in mind, The Great Ring's ability to add burdens for strength at will makes it more popular than this ring. The advantage of this ring is the 2 extra vitality it provides, which is useful for Ring-Bearers that might need to exert (or wound themselves) to trigger effects, such as Faramir, Bearer of Quality.

Strengths and Weaknesses

Strong Versus...

Weak Versus...

  • Swarm
  • Corruption

Extra Information

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