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Posted: Mon Jan 21, 2008 10:01 am
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--- description ---
Reducing the mana cost of all your changelings to make them veritable foes at a cheap cost.
--- end description ---

Lands (24):

Murmuring Bosk x 4 (G/W)
Primal Beyond x 4 (All Colors)
Mutavault x 2
Shimmering Grotto x 2
Ancient Amphitheater x 4 (W/R)
Vivid Crag x 2
Vivid Grove x 2
Forest x 2
Mountain x 2

Creatures (32):

Changeling Titan x 4
Changeling Hero x 4
Taurean Mauler x 4

Ballyrush Banneret x 4
Bosk Banneret x 4
Brigthhearth Banneret x 4

Flamekin Harbinger x 2
Treefolk Harbinger x 2

Kinsbaile Cavalier x 4

Enchantments (4):

Oblivion Ring x 4

The point is to get all your Banneret’s out fast, tutoring if necessary, and then begin dropping consistent, dirt-cheap changelings (championing the harbigners, of course). The 8 championers vs 28 other creatures means you’ll usually have something to champion with, and you can even champion each other. Anyways, just keep dropping them like mad, and once the Kinsbaile Cavalier hits the table, begin double-striking with your changelings like mad.

I’m not sure whether Crib Swap would be worth it. What think you?
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