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Posted: Tue Mar 18, 2008 6:20 pm
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DáinIronfoot wrote:
1 Queer Travellers Sauron
Condition • Support Area
Each time the Free Peoples player discards a card from hand, if you can spot 2 Sauron or Wraith Men, the Free Peoples player must make a companion resistance -1 until the regroup phase.
“‘Well, Master Underhill, if I were you, I should stop your young friends from talking too much. Drink, fire, and chance-meeting are pleasant enough, but, well–this isn’t the Shire.’”

’Travellers’ is the British (and therefore correct Wink ) spelling, which is why Tolkien uses it which is why some cards use it. ’Travelers’ is just wrong! Fun card! I like it.

DáinIronfoot wrote:
0 Mind Yourself Sauron
To play, exert a Sauron or Wraith minion (except an enduring minion). Bearer must be a companion. Limit 1 per bearer.
Each time bearer moves to a sanctuary or dwelling, if you cannot spot a minion, the Free Peoples player may heal bearer.
Each time the fellowship moves to any other site, you may spot a Sauron or Wraith minion to exert bearer.
“‘Don’t get lost, and don’t forget that it is safer indoors!’”

I think I’d save text and either drop the site restrictions or the spotting restrictions on the healing clause. Interesting card.

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Posted: Wed Mar 19, 2008 1:37 pm
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