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Posted: Tue Dec 18, 2007 12:19 am
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Forest elves working with forest Nazgul for one goal: win.
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All right, I’ve tried my hand at ever block except WotR. You name it, I have a deck in it. Except this one, but I think I got the WotR down, somewhat. Not really. Bleah. Here goes.


Frodo, Protected by Many
The Ruling Ring

Arwen, Staunch Defender
Legolas, Companion of the Ring

Celeborn, The Wise x 3
Elrond, Witness to History x 3
Galadriel, Sorceress of the Hidden Land x 2

Long-Knives of Legolas
Sting, Weapon of Heritage
Blade of Lindon x 3

Seclusion x 4
Kindred’s Estranged x 4
Final Shot x 4
Attunement x 2
Farewell to Lorien x 2

Secluded Homestead x 2

Witch-King, Captain of the Nine Riders x 4
Ulaire Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders x 3
Ulaire Toldea, Eighth of the Nine Riders x 3
Ulaire Cantea, Black Assassin x 2
Ulaire Enquea, Sixth of the Nine Riders x 3
Black Rider x 4

The Witch-King’s Beast, Fell Creature
Shadowy Mount x 4

Lost in the Woods x 4
Hatred Stirred x 2

Dark Approach x 4

Celeborn’s recursion of Kindreds Estranged makes for some fun stuff. Start dropping forests fast. Watch Arwen explode, and kill with her. Elves get big with events. Celeborn grabs Kindreds Estranged over and over for some fun, with Final Shots for the doubles non-forest/rivers. Basically, tank. And match your opponent blow for blow.

Shadow side is Forestgul beatdown. Plain and simple, drop a bunch of fun fierce dudes out there, get LitW and start picking on people bearing them with Shadowy Mounts. Fierce? Come back again! The shadow side controls the site-path, and has nifty recursion for all those fierce Nazzie, that you know will be left over. Cantea makes fellowships small so you can bash the remaining companions

Was thinking of putting a WK Beast in there so that you can pull off a downright evil str 16 minion that fights 3 times with some LitW. Possibly a triple overwhelm, but cut it for some other cards. Think I should work in a copy?
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Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 11:32 am
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Cirdan is from RotK block. Otherwise, looks nice.
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Posted: Sat Mar 29, 2008 11:34 am
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Oh but I would CLEARLY see galadriel, sorceress of hiden lands as a sweet replacement, heals your guys while you can spot some forests.
-Darth Dravius, Dark Lord of the Sith

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