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Posted: Wed Apr 02, 2008 4:54 pm
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--- description ---
Breaking Lorwyn for infinite life.
--- end description ---

Soul Warden x 4
Essence Warden x 4
Ballyrush Banneret x 3
Bosk Banneret x 3
Treefolk Harbinger x 4
Changeling Hero x 4
Changeling Titan x 4
Spirit en-Dal x 2
Serra Avenger x 2

Oblivion Ring x 4

Rebuff the Wicked x 4

Murmuring Bosk x 4
Brushland x 4
Plains x 8
Forest x 6

Seem odd? Allow me to explain.

The whole Champion thing gives you a very easy ability to continual bounce creatures in and out of play.

I have 3 guys with champion. Champion A is in play. Champion’s B and C are in my hand. Observe.

I play Champion B championing A. I then Champion B with C. A hits play and Champions C, causing B to hit play and champion A. Then C hits play, champions B and you get the point. Infinite creatures entering and leaving play. Add in Soul Warden and Essence warden and you get infinite life. Finish off with evasion via Serra Avenger or Spirit en-Dal. Use Rebuff the Wicked to keep your creatures from getting removed.
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