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Posted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 7:07 pm
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--- description ---
A culture token focus Free People and Shadow deck
--- end description ---

*The One Ring, The Ring of Rings(11R1)
*Galadriel, Bearer of Wisdom (RB)(9R+14)

Fellowship (35)
2x *Aiglos(9R+12)
2x *Galadriel’s Silver Ewer(18R11)
3x *Nenya, Ring of Adamant(9R20)
1x *Vilya, Ring of Air(9R+23)
1x *Elladan, Son of Elrond(14R2)
1x *Elrohir, Son of Elrond(14R3)
3x *Gil-Galad, High King of the Noldor(18R12)
1x *Glorfindel, Eldarin Lord(18R13)
2x *Uncertain Future(11U26)
3x Elven Supplies(18U10)
2x Attunement(12C16)
2x Lothlorien Guides(17U9)
3x Still Needed(7C29)
2x *Asfaloth, Swift Blossom(13R10)
4x Elven Bow
3x Sword of the Fallen(15C25)

Shadow (35)
1x *Fortitude(11U185)
3x Deathly Roar(17C113)
2x Fearless Approach(13C164)
2x Our Foes are Weak(11C196)
2x Broken Heirloom(12U138)
2x Ghastly Wound(18C117)
2x You Do Not Know Fear(17R137)
2x *Lurtz, Halfling Hunter(18R118)
4x Force of Uruk-hai(11R184)
3x Invincible Uruk(11S190)
2x Tyrannical Uruk(11C204)
3x Uruk Decimator(12R150)
2x Uruk Rogue(13R174)
3x Berserker Torch(12U136)
2x Spear of the White Hand(17U117)

(0) Gates of Mordor(15S191)
(0)Fortress of Orthanc(11S241)
(1) Hill of Sight(12S188)
(1) Isengard Ruined(15U192)
(1) Morannon Plains(18U137)
(3) Mount Doom(15R193)
(3)City of Kings(13U187)
(3)The Prancing Pony(11S256)

Bid low, usually go first, play Pony and pull Glorfindel. Tokens on Elven Supplies with Uncertain Future, reinforce with Silver Ewer and make the brothers solid.

Shadow is good for keeping things moving slow, tokens on Deathly Roar with Fearless Approach means lots of exertions, invincibles and fortitude for wound prevention (you will probably want to throw in Rohan Uplands).

Any suggestions?
"The rule of Gondor is mine!"

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