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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 1:08 pm
Joined: 16 Feb 2007 Posts: 486 Location: UK
--- description ---
Dwarves and Morcs
--- end description ---

*The One Ring, The Ring of Rings(11R1)
*Gimli, Bearer of Grudges (RB)(9R+4)

(0) Streets of Bree(18U140)
(0)Anduin Banks(11U227)
(1) Steward’s Tomb(18U139)
(1)Cavern Entrance(11S232)
(1)Neekerbeekers’ Bog(11S249)
(2)Chamber of Mazarbul(11S233)
(3) Starkhorn(12U193)
(3)Moria Guardroom(11S247)

Fellowship (35)
2x *Ring of Fury(9R+7)
2x *Ring of Guile(9R8)
1x *Durin III, Dwarven Lord(9R+3)
1x *Gloin, Son of Groin(15R6)
2x *Thrarin, Smith of Erebor(12U15)
2x *Proud and Able(12U12)
2x Blood Runs Chill(8R3)
4x Honed(8C6)
3x No Pauses, No Spills(12R10)
2x Nobody tosses a Dwarf(12U11)
2x Out of Darkness(7C11)
1x *Gimli’s Armor(7U8)
1x *Gimli’s Battle Axe, Trusted Weapon(7R9)
2x Armor of Khazad(17U1)
2x Axe of Khazad-dum(11U3)
2x Belt of Erebor(12U2)
3x Dwarven Bracers(12U5)
1x Heavy Axe(15U7)

Shadow (35)
1x Stooping to the Kill(10C64)
2x *Flung Into the Fray(8U71)
3x *Streaming to the Field(8U78)
2x Black Marshal(10U53)
3x Ten Times Outnumbered(10C66)
2x *Gorbag, Lieutenant of Cirith Ungol(7R180)
2x *Morgul Vanguard(10R63)
2x *Ulaire Cantea, Faster Than Winds(7R211)
3x *Ulaire Lemenya, Assailing Minion(7R213)
4x *Ulaire Toldea, Wraith on Wings(7R219)
2x Morgul Brute(7R188)
3x Morgul Destroyer(7U190)
2x Morgul Detachment(7R191)
2x Morgul Regiment(7R197)
2x *Gorbag’s Sword(10R60)

Suggestions please.
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Posted: Fri Apr 11, 2008 2:47 pm
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I like it has morcs work for you is it a viable strategy? I think you should add gothmog liutenant of morgol you you can dish out more wounds and pound them with the unused threats!
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Posted: Sat Apr 12, 2008 4:49 pm
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