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Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 3:33 pm
Joined: 10 Aug 2005 Posts: 110 Location: Brasil
hi all!

this was my favourite deck when i did played MTG. it´s based on onslaught block... by those times, llanowar elves were not in 7th edition, so they´re out of this deck by now...

here it goes:

Birchlore Rangers x4
Elvish Warrior x4
Wellwisher x4
Wirewood Herald x4
Heedless One x2
Taunting Elf x2
Stonewood Invoker x2
Timberwatch Elf x2
Wirewood Guardian x2
Krosan Cloudscaper

Naturalize x3
Tribal Unity x2
Steely Resolve
Centaur Glade
Elvish Guidance x4

Tranquil Thicket x2
Forest x20

you might notice there´s almost no rare here. this is pretty much basic elven. make lots of mana so you can create loooots of centaurs late game, but only if you had not won the game before that.

wellwishers give you so much life you´ll lose track of it. so you don´t really need to block. but just in case you need, there are some combat tricks.

krosan cloudscaper is in because he´s so big. not to mention that while he´s face down, your opponent will be much more worried about blocking the heedless one, or the horde of centaurs, then you´ll be able to deliver a 13 blow on their face...

this deck can suffer against red and black destruction, so beware of your one copy of steely resolve.

let taunting elf win the game for you, and don´t forget to have some fun with the green invoker too!

hope it helps you guys. this is pretty much onslaught block, don´t know if people still play it, but that´s my favourite. if i get the time, i´ll post other interesting decks i´ve made those times.

PS: do i get a booster? Rolling Eyes
- "If I die, your deck will crumble!"
Gandalf (any of them)
Posted: Thu Aug 18, 2005 6:24 pm
Joined: 02 Aug 2005 Posts: 11 Location: Philly, USA baby
very nice deck. Very Happy o yeah, it says conor gonna email ya to make sure ur address is right, then he'll send u a 9th booster
Felipe Musco
Posted: Thu Aug 24, 2006 3:14 pm
Joined: 18 May 2006 Posts: 2434 Location: Florianópolis, SC, Brasil
Llanowar Elves WERE in 7th Edition. In fact, the lamest art they’ve ever had... Sad
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